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Hot Pink Color Coordination

OK, you are not into Barbie any more and Miami is too down south, so hot pink is really not your thing. Think again, why limit your styling to a life in gray and black when there are many bursting Popsicle colors to be exploited in order to bring some passion into that rainy morning?

When it comes to wearing hot pink, one needs to be careful and take few things into consideration: your age, skin tone and hair color and your level of fashion courage. If you are in your teens or early twenties you can pull of blocks of pink in everyday attire: think converse shoes, mini skirts, tights, the list is endless. Other side of twenties and early thirty means more professional and a bit less playful styling. Nice tailored dress matched with black belt and shoes, or a jacket over a floral dress will give instant freshness to your look.

When it comes to hair and skin tone, the general rule is that darker skin and hair can get away with more pink as it makes them stand out and it compliments them. Blonds can be swamped with too much strong color and end up looking cheap.

Although hot pink is an intense and overwhelming, it can be easily coordinated. There is the classic approach of keeping things demure by adding accessories in non color, like black or gray. On the other hand, white and pink can be quite dangerous, just think sixties air hostess. The key is to pick an item you like and that dresses you well, like jacket, a skirt or a dress and work around them: jeans looks great with any color, stripes and flower patterns work really well too just make sure their colors are complementary or neutral. Why not try it brown belt or boots, to add warmth and fall chic to the outfit?

If you think pink only in terms of accessories, think only one or two at the time. Nice bracelet or a scarf are excellent, but stay away from anything looking too plastic like hoop earrings or vinyl bag.

If you always considered wearing but couldn’t bring your self to do it, try it on your lips or fingertips first. Hot pink makeup accents are great with summer clothes and they make you feel younger and more playful: a nice pedicure can be great way of endorsing this energy bomb of a color.

Skills To Possess By A Hair Stylist

A hair stylist is a professional to whom we entrust with fashioning and styling our hair. One may think that styling the hair is easy but when you actually try to hold the scissors in your hand, you will realize that it’s not a piece of cake at all. The hair is every person’s crowning glory and being entrusted to make that crowning glory to shine and look its best is quite a critical and sensitive task entrusted to a hair stylist.

In order to fashion a client’s hair in the most appropriate way possible and to become successful in this hair styling career, there are some very important skills that a hair stylist needs to do. A licensed hair stylist is one who has taken up and finished a training course in cosmetology, thus it is expected of this hair stylist to know the proper way by which the hair may be handled and styled to enhance the looks of the client.

The work of a hair stylist requires him or her to have the skills to read. Remember that in hair styling, there are tools and chemicals that will be used to style the hair properly. There are instructions written on the labels or covers of these necessary materials which the hair stylist needs to read and understand in order to know how to use them properly. For instance, a new hair styling iron is to be used to straighten a client’s tresses, the stylist should first read about the power and voltage rating of the iron so the appropriate electrical connections will be used. Aside from products and tools instructions and labels, there are other things that the stylist should be able to read and understand such as product catalogues, notices, bulletins, workplace procedures and workplace policies. Some articles in a fashion magazine are also needed to be read to learn about the new trends in hair styling.

A hair stylist also needs to possess some mathematical skills. When using chemical like hair dyes and peroxides, the stylist should know how to follow the directions on the product label and measure the right amount of ingredients based on how they are stated in the packages. Numeracy skills also cover the ability to calculate the time by which a chemically treated hair needs to be washed and rinse to avoid damages yet achieve excellent results. He or she should also be able to count the days until the client’s next appointment. Collecting the right amount of fees and providing accurate change is another task of the hair stylist that requires the ability to count efficiently.

The ability to properly communicate with different kinds of people is another critical skill that a hair stylist needs to posses. On a daily basis, this person would need to relate not just with fellow staff in the hair salon but most importantly, there are clients who come and go to and from the salon. These clients are people with different personalities and attitudes. The stylist should always be polite and respectful even to clients who seem bossy or picky.

He or she must be patient with people who are difficult to relate with. Choosing the right words to say to a client is also important. The stylist must also be physically fit and able to stand for long hours while catering to the hair needs of clients.

Seasonal Bridal Makeup

As a professional makeup artist, I am constantly asked if there is really such a thing as seasonal bridal makeup. The answer is quite simple, Yes! Forget about what you were told looks good on you and what “season” you are by a beauty consultant. Bridal makeup is an entirely different story and careful consideration should be taken with every detail of your wedding, including your bridal makeup.

When planning your wedding, the colors you choose generally revolve around the time of year you are getting married. Soft pastels for a Spring wedding and deep jewel tones for a Fall wedding. Nature and our environment set the tone for the wedding attire, flowers, and often the venue; so why would you not take these seasonal attributes into consideration for your bridal makeup too? Just because you normally wear soft peaches does not mean you cannot wear copper and golds.

Spring weddings bring to mind soft breezes, pastel colors, spring bouquets, chiffon and tulle, and romantic makeup. Soft pinks and peaches on the eyes with a hint of warmth for depth. Minimal blush, just enough to give the face a soft glow. Lips should be gleaming with a similar color to complete the soft, fresh look of Spring.

Summer weddings are known for sandy beaches, ocean breezes, sun-kissed skin, simple silk dresses and colors of the ocean. Warm bronze tones with hints of gold and shimmer on the eyes will bring out the sun goddess look in any bride. Lips in a barely-there shade of mandarin or toasted gold will make any Summer bride shine!

Winter weddings are in a class all of their own. Crisp, cool air and fairytale princess dresses with a classic feel to every aspect of the wedding. Winter weddings are wonderful for a snowy mountain backdrop. Cool tones of gray, blue-gray, and silver highlights on the eyes with dramatic lashes combined with rosy cheeks is a classic Winter bride look. This is the one season that brides can get away with wearing a red lip and truly look like a princess.

Fall weddings are one of my favorites when it comes to bridal makeup. The colors of the season are simply beautiful with all the colors of the falling leaves; golds, coppers, deep wines and plums. Applying these colors to the eye with a deep brown accent and a warm cinnamon tone blush is amazing. Lips can be a deep wine color or a soft teaberry with some gloss to complete the look of the season.

A good makeup artist will be honest with you and tell you what colors look best on you, while at the same time make sure that your makeup blends with the colors of the wedding. If your bridesmaids are all wearing a deep wine colored dress for the perfect Fall wedding, you as the Bride should not be wearing the same peach lipstick you wear everyday. Try that new teaberry shade of lipstick, the colors will blend in photographs and you just may like it! Never be afraid to try something different and step out of the makeup rut all women fall into at one time or another. This is your wedding day and you want to look your best in person as well as in photographs.

The Best Laser for Hair Removal

In a society that gives a certain amount of importance when it comes to a person’s looks and their hygiene, you can definitely understand why people are constantly trying to find ways and means to improve themselves.

It is therefore not surprising that individuals sometimes gets self-conscious about unsightly body and facial hair which leads them to feel less confident about themselves – after all, it is quite embarrassing if a friend, co-worker, or worst, a stranger notices your unwanted hair and mentions it to you. Let’s face it, our looks is the first thing that people notice about us.

Now if you are one of those individuals who would like to eliminate hair on your face or body, there are several ways to go about this. You may opt to shave or wax your unwanted hair. Unfortunately, shaving may at times leave you with some bumps – plus the fact that hair seems to grow back a lot faster while leaving some parts of your body (like your legs) feeling like sandpaper.

As for waxing, it is considered by many as a very painful procedure although if you have a very high tolerance for pain, then this is a much better option for you. However, there is a better and a more effective way of getting rid of facial hair as well as unwanted hair on your body without going through so much pain.

Currently, laser hair removal is known as the #1 non-invasive aesthetics treatment that is being used by laser specialists and clinics all over the world. This is because it is virtually pain-free while being highly effective when it comes to getting rid of facial and body hair. It also eliminates the re-growth of unwanted hair which makes this an excellent choice particularly if you want a more permanent option.

Now bear in mind that even if laser treatments generally slows down hair growth, it does not guarantee permanent hair removal since it will take a number of sessions in order to achieve this. Note too, that periodic maintenance may also be recommended by your laser hair removal specialist.

Currently, the best laser that is being recommended by most laser specialist would be the pain-free and hair-free Soprano XL Laser hair removal machines from Alma. Many laser specialists and clinics claim that their patrons are extremely satisfied with their hair removal procedure given that they feel no pain while seeing the results after their second treatment.

Patients who have had the privilege of using this device claim that they experienced a very comfortable treatment which left them with no irritation and side effects. In addition, they saw positive results when it came to the permanent reduction of their unwanted hair. It is no wonder many hair reduction specialists and clinics continue to patronize the Soprano XL Laser machines from Alma and continues to claim that this is the best laser for to date.

How Is Lipstick Made?

They’ve been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. Having the first one is the crowning glory of many girls’ teen years. Just about every Western woman has one, and many are accompanied everywhere by them. In the office, it seems that ladies can’t talk about anything else. After spending just 30 seconds with one, women look and feel refreshed and beautiful. What am I talking about? No, it’s not Prince Charming, but lipsticks. Read on to find out how this super popular cosmetic is produced today.

Today’s lipstick is made of four basic ingredients; fats (oils), waxes, alcohol, and pigments and a few minor additives like preservatives and moisturizers. The raw ingredients are combined and refined thus.

First, the manufacturer heats and melts the three main ingredients, oil, wax, and alcohol, in separate metal canisters. Then the oil and alcohol are mixed together so the coloring can be added before the wax. This is because the change in consistency after the addition of the wax would make it nearly impossible to properly integrate the pigment.

Once the coloring goes in, the little granules of pigment cause the mixture to take on a grainy consistency. To remedy this undesirable effect, the goo is passed under a huge roller to pulverize the pigment grains and restore a smooth texture.

However, this introduces another undesirable, the main enemy of lipstick makers: air bubbles. This air must be removed by several hours of mechanical stirring, and some manufacturers choose to hasten this process by using vacuum suction to draw the air out.

Hours later, when much the air has been extracted, the cooled mass is whipped into the wax until a uniform color and texture is achieved. Continuous rattling ensures that no air pockets lodge in the mixture to create flaws later on. The liquid is poured into molding tubes which are upside down so that the shaped bottom of the mold is the top of the finished product.

Later, the lipsticks are chilled and removed from the molds. The lipsticks are checked for defects and sorted. Any flawed ones are sent to the reworking area where they are manually fixed by workers with little spatulas. The good ones go through the last step, a finishing method called firing, which seals minor flaws and adds the glossy finish.

The finished lipsticks are packaged, labeled, boxed and shipped off to warehouses and then on to cosmetic stores where hundreds of women will go to buy this cheap and highly popular cosmetic. The next time you buy a tube of lipstick you will be able to trace the beautiful finished product all the way back to the first raw ingredients.