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Increase Your Fingernail Growth

Growing long finger nails can be a difficult thing to do if you are continually dieting. This is because your fingernail growth slows down; as your body is not getting the nutrients it needs to help give you strong fingernails.

If you include supplements A and D, and have a diet high in protein, this will help improve growth rate.

Vitamins for fingernails can certainly help make a difference to your nail strength and growth.

For women, your fingernails will grow quicker before menstruation and during pregnancy.

If you enjoy biting fingernails, you are actually helping increase your nail growth, as biting nails helps increase blood flow to the fingers, yet, biters will never get to enjoy their long nails. Other much more healthier ways to help increase blood flow to the fingernails, is to gently tap them on a hard surface, play the piano or typing.

Finger nails take at least 3 to 6 months to regrow completely, yet during the summer months they actually grow faster than during any other season.

Men’s finger nails grow faster than women’s, and younger people have a much faster growth rate.

Your finger nails grow faster than your toenails, and right handed persons nails will grow faster than their left hand, and a left handed persons nails will grow faster than their right hand.

The little fingernail is the slowest to grow, and the middle nail is the fastest to grow.

Over the age of 30, your nail growth slows down, and will slow down if you are stressed.

If you are going through menopause, this will also affect your finger nail growth.

Products such as gelatine and hair, skin and nail supplements won’t help strength or growth.

Long term use of nail products laden with chemicals will affect your fingernails health and strength.

For many women, wearing fake nails is the answer to hiding finger nails which don’t grow long and strong. In the long term these will damage your natural fingernails.

Try to increase your own nail growth, give your cuticles a massage with vitamin E, almond oil, or olive oil, buff your nails, use a natural hand cream every day, and put sunscreen on your nails as well as your hands before you go out.

Soak your nails in warm olive oil about 10 to 15 min a couple of times a week, to increase your strength and fingernail growth.

And help yourself grow long finger nails.

Nail Art Pens Make Professional Nail Art Easy!

Nail art pens are great tools for creating detailed designs on your finger and toenails with nail polish. They help you make professional looking designs that would not otherwise be able to be done with typical nail polish and a brush. Many love nail pens because they are cheap, refillable, and very easy to use. They allow the user to make detailed, professional looking designs with accuracy and ease, right in the comfort of their own home or studio. They come in all different colors, and often can be purchased in kits that include design books to help spark the imagination of different looking designs.

Nail art pens work great in conjunction with all different types of nail art supplies. Another popular form right now is called stamping art. The most popular brand right now is called Konad stamping nail art. This type of art is accomplished using a metal image plate, which has a particular design carved into the plate. Nail polish is used to fill the carved out design, excess polish is scraped away with something called a scraper, then a stamp is used to transfer the image from the plate to the users nail. Konad stamping nail kits can be purchased with all kinds of different image plates, which can come with hundreds of designs. The image plates will allow you to use polish to create intrigue designs that would not otherwise be able to be created by hand. These art kits are very popular right now.

Nail pens also work well with nail art stickers. Many will create a design such as leaves that may go with a flower sticker that is affixed to the nail. Stickers can be purchased by the sheet, and often come with many different themes and types of designs. Besides stickers, many also will glue rhinestones, gems, and nail glitter to their nails, all of which will make the nails very attractive and noticeable. Nail stickers are a quick and easy way to make your nails stand out and to express your feelings and creativity.

My favorite type of art pens are the migi pens. These are my favorite because they come in many different types of set including many different types of colors. They also feature a free refill plan, so when your pens run out of polish, migi will actually send you more ink for fee. Not a bad deal at all. Migi nail pens are also double sided, with a pen on one side and a art detail brush on the other.

As you can tell by reading my article, nail pens are great tools to be used in conjunction with other nail art supplies. Whether you are just a user of nail polish, stamping art, stickers, or all of the above, great detailed designs that will make all your friends think you went to a professional, can be obtained with nail art pens. These are great affordable tools to help you express your creativity and your elegance through your nails. Great creative, experiment, and have fun!

The Convenience To Use Pre-Designed Nails

The market of pre-designed nail tips has varieties of products to enhance the personality of fashion aware individuals. Nails play an important part in the overall personality of an individual. Well groomed, shaped and clean nails speak for the person’s persona. Unkempt nails magnify ill discipline and unrefined taste of an individual.

Pre-designed nails have many benefits. The easy to use items do not require additional designing of any sort. They come in beautiful designs which you can fix to your nails. Further, they do not chip or get spoiled by scratches. The designs stay fresh and clear as they are scratch-free. The pre-designed nails are so strong, they do not tend to split or break easily. They come with eye-catching shiny metallic finishes which can never be attained by regular polishes.

Among the many pre-designed nails some are very popular with their high quality. One of them is Trendy Nails Unlimited, which is popular in USA, Australia, London, New York, New Zealand etc. It was designed by a nail artist of America.

The easy to apply pre-designed nails are popular all over the world. Pre- designed nails are platform for nail artists to showcase their talent. Moreover, the quick to apply products ensures the artists a good income and customers’ economic purchase. These are heat applied and arrives in three different cuts. They are best for fingers and toes alike. You can fix it on artificial nails too. After the product is applied with a blow dryer you can apply a gel or any kind of acrylic coating on top of it. This guarantees long term results.

The market of pre-designed nails offers customers to custom make their designs, so that they have unique nail designs which stand out among any crowd. Pre-designed nails are a great hit among youth who are fashion aficionados.

Nail polishes come in various colors. When you select a color, ensure it goes with your complexion. Coral, red, pink; even yellow and green are available in the market. The surprising fact is that each of them if used in an appropriate way looks beautiful on the right person. Fair skinned individuals look cool in almost all shades. Dark skinned persons look beautiful in light shades, red and brown.

There are glossy and matte finishes available in nail polishes. Go for a polish which compliments your overall appearance, costumes, jewelry and make up. Light colored polishes or basic neutrals are best for formal occasions and semi formal events. Apply matching shades on your toe nails for the complete look.

Nail Studio Air Purifier

Air filtration in a studio that does manicures and pedicures is crucial. Many states are now requiring studios who provide these services to prove that the air quality will remain high despite the use of products that off-gas chemicals into the air. Here are some things to consider when deciding on the best filtration for your salon.

Adjustable Rate of Filtration—Some days and times during the day there is a need for more rapid filtration because of the number of manicures and pedicures that are being done. Typically the heaviest days are on the weekends, and the busiest time of the day is most probably in the evenings.

Having a filtration system that can stay ahead of the volatile organic chemicals that are evaporating into the air is important. This keeps the air quality high despite increase in chemical fumes being generated. Even though technicians and customers are no longer able to smell the fumes after they have been exposed to them for a while, customers entering your studio will enter a salon that has air that smells fresh and clean.

Filter Specifically Designed to Remove Chemicals—Carbon-based filters are well known for their ability to absorb gaseous pollutants such as odors and fumes. However, carbon alone is no match for the VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) that off gas from many of the products used in nail studios.

The carbon filter must have an additive that is specifically designed to remove airborne chemicals and noxious gases that result from many of the products used in the nail industry. Potassium iodide has been proven to be the most effective at removing these types of chemical fumes.

Particle Filter—-Grinding, sanding, and buffing at high speeds results in hundreds of pieces of nails being sent into the air. Multiply this number by the number of manicures and pedicures done by each technician in a day, and the amount of particles is incredibly high. This nail dust is not good to breathe. And even though technicians sometimes wear masks, which do not protect the client or the technicians once their mask are removed.

A high efficiency particle arresting (or HEPA) filter is an essential component for any filtration process to have. This type of filter is the most effective at removing airborne particles as small as.3 microns.

This means it can remove big particles that you can see such as hair, dust, and lint. And it can also remove finer particles that are invisible to the human eye such as smaller particles of nail dust, as well as bacteria and viruses.

Particle pre-filters that are made of material similar to cotton balls is also an excellent indicator that both the carbon-based and HEPA filters will have a substantially longer filter life than those systems that do not have them.

Portability—-Unless you own the space where your studio is housed, it is often not cost effective to install a filtration system that is part of the central air conditioning and heating. These systems are often expensive to install, maintain, and repair.

A better solution is to opt for portable units that can be moved within the shop as the need arises, and that can be taken with you should your shop’s location change. Units with heavy duty casters will make any change in location easier.

Simply the Best Nail Tips

Maintaining and keeping nails in shape and clean is a must. The nails can affect the totality of one’s appearance and that is for sure. Keep away from harsh chemicals that can damage it. Make sure that they do not split, break and peel. Moreover, if one is suffering from disease and infections, seek for a nail technician for they can help well. One must be packed with the best nail tips. Follow these tips and pull off those alluring fingernails. Unlike the toenails, which are covered with trendy and expensive shoes or studs, the hands are seen on a regular basis for we are interacting with different people every day. Therefore, it is important to spend time and equal attention and care to the fingernails just the way one is particular with their outfits and hairstyles and makeup.

One of the simplest ways to fingernail care is through a well-planned and balanced diet. Eating the right foods can easily lead to a good appearance and add glow to one’s fingernails and enhance the totality of one’s look. Like the hair and skin, negligence and having poor diet can greatly affect the nails making them weal and brittle leading to an ugly and unattractive hands.

Nail growth is one common problem of many people. Problems are directly related to lack of sufficient nutrition and the slackness in taking proper care of the nails. Some of the essential nutrients that affect the growth and appearance include Vitamin B, Vitamin C, calcium, protein, iron and fat. Other diseases related to nail growth include hang nails, spoon nails and the splitting or breaking of the nails. While lack of nutrition and protein leads to the split nails, hang nails are usually caused due to tearing out of the cuticles or the nail folds. The cuticles tend to remain attached to the nail plates, which at times causes too much of stretching as the nails grow. Sufficient consumption of all the necessary nutrients and vitamins can aid in eliminating nail growth problems, further making them strong and healthy.

One can also use artificial nail tips to make nails look even more stylish and those artificial are trendy making it popular among women as of today. Becoming mindful of one’s nails is one way to make improvements to one’s good grooming and personality. Following some simple rules and nail tips may be the tips one can apply to their own nails.