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Dry Scalp Shampoo to Stop Dry Itchy Scalp

The easiest way to obtain great hair is with a scalp that is healthy. If you scalp is healthy it grows hair faster and stronger, than if your scalp is unhealthy. The weather can really make hair dry or itchy. It does this by making your scalp over produce oils which build up and feed bacteria. This bacterium causes your scalp to itch and eventually breakout into tiny red bumps. Dry scalp can be very irritating and painful, but it is generally easy to fix.
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Your scalp regenerates skin about every month if the oils build up on your scalp the dead skin sticks to it forming glue that covers your scalp and pores. This gunk can build up quickly and tends to itch. Other things that can cause skin to build up are chemical treatments. These treatments actually dry out the skin and cause the top layer to peel and flake off.

Certain styling products can also mix with this oil and clog the pores on your scalp as well. Once the follicle is clogged hair will not be able to grow out of it causing it to start to thin and fall out. Some thing to look out for is severe scalp itch. This is where your scalp itches really bad even if you just washed your hair.

Irritated scalp this is where you scalp is reddish and puffy due to being irritated this can lead to scalp soreness and bumps. Also be on the lookout for fine flaky skin that comes off easily. Large flakes can be other problems like psoriasis, but small flakes are usually dry scalp. These tiny flakes can be a result of a fungal infection.

These fungi feed on the oil deposits and in turn make waste, this waste irritates the skin causing it to dry out leading to flakes. There are a few things you can do to keep the itching under control like stop scratching it, the scratching leads to access oil product which makes the problem worse.

It also causes weak spots in the hair follicle which can lead to breakage. Find a good shampoo that helps hydrate your scalp this shampoo will contain ingredients like emu oil which also helps with fungal infections. Aloe Vera Juice which is high and Vitamin C and shear butter which is a great moisturizer.

When washing your hair be gentle and never use your fingernails. This will help stimulate the scalp an increase blood flow, causing the hair to grow faster. Make sure you use a good purifying shampoo at least once every 10 days. This will keep product build up at a minimum. If using heat tools keep them as cool as possible, high heat blow driers can make the scalp oilier.

Finding good hair products for dry scalp and following these guide lines should help alleviate flakes and itchy scalp in a few weeks. Everyone suffers from dry scalp at one time or another in their life, one good thing is it easy to treat.

The Best Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Dandruff

It is very common just like other parts of your body for skin to shed. With dandruff though the skin cells speed up which cause the deal skin cells to shed at a much higher amount. When this process is sped up and they shed in larger amounts then this can be noticeable to others, more so if you wear dark clothes.

Thankfully there are some traditional remedies that can prevent dandruff altogether and also treat it. Let’s face it we do not want dandruff at all do we?

Diet. Have a balanced diet which is rich in fruit and vegetables mainly iron. Also make sure that you try and drink at least two litre of water daily.
Homemade remedy. Get two teaspoons of white vinegar and six teaspoons of water, this will help treat the dandruff. Apply the mixture on the scalp then leave it overnight. Try this method every day for a period of three months.
Homemade remedy two. Get two cups of water and five tablespoons of thyme. Boil it all up for ten minutes, let it cool then massage into your scalp. Leave for thirty minutes then wash off. Again repeat this process daily for a three month period.
Cider. That’s right you heard me right, cider vinegar can be used to wash your hair. Apply the cider vinegar to your hair and leave for forty minutes with your head wrapped in a towel. Try this for twice a week, the your dandruff should disappear.
Anti-dandruff shampoo. This is anti-dandruff shampoo with a twist, get two aspirins and crush down and mix in with the shampoo.
Leaves. Get some neem leaves, then boil in some water. When it has cooled down use the mixture to wash your hair.
Fenugreek seeds. Get some fenugreek seeds and leave in some water to soak overnight. Once soaked overnight crush down the seeds till a paste is formed. Apply over the whole of your scalp and leave on for about twenty minutes, then wash off with tap water.
Baking soda. Get some general baking soda from the store and massage into your scalp and then rinse with tap water. Baking soda is known as cure for itchiness and dandruff.

Not every remedy works for everyone. Try out and see what brings you the best results then stick with that method. You will get some people where none of the above remedies will work, in this case i would advise you to consult your doctor to see if there is a bigger underlying problem.

5 Mistakes That Kill Eyelash Growth

If you really want to make your eyelashes grow, you first need to take care of them. There are so many ways to damage your lashes and not even notice it. These are the 5 most common mistakes that cause eyelashes to fall out.

1. Going to sleep with eye makeup on. Fine, I’ll be the first to admit to this one. I forgot to take off my mascara only to find some of my eyelashes fell out (more like ripped out!) and were strewn across my pillow. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way, so you don’t have to. Be sure to take off your mascara and always moisturize – which brings us to the next lash-lethal mistake.

2. Forgetting to use moisturizers. Eyelashes are like skin; they dry out if you don’t moisturize them. Many makeup removers out there dry out lashes by stripping them of their natural oils. This leaves them brittle and more likely to fall out. That’s why it’s always important to put cream on your lashes after taking off makeup or washing your face. On a side note, face creams that have vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A are not only good for your skin, but they’re great for your lashes.

3. Wearing false eyelashes. False lashes are glued on directly above the eyelashes. When you peel off the false eyelashes the glue will, more often than not, rip out a few of your natural lashes. If at all possible, save false eyelashes for a special occasion. Although, the best way to make eyelashes grow is to avoid using them altogether.

4. Rubbing your eyes. This might sound obvious, but you’d surprised by how many women do this without realizing it. It’s one of the most common reasons why eyelashes fall out. You might not notice it because it feels so natural, especially if you did it as a kid. If you want to make your eyelashes grow, don’t rub your eyes. The less you touch your eyelashes, the stronger they’ll grow.

5. Not eating enough nutrition. Your body needs vitamins and minerals. This especially true if you’re trying to grow longer eyelashes. Eat enough fruits and veggies high in vitamin C, A and E. Also, calcium and magnesium help to make eyelashes grow longer by increasing the growth rate within the follicles.

The Best Ways to Get Your Teeth White

One of the most valuable features that anyone has is their smile. Your smile can tell a lot about you and the way that you live your life. A person with a big smile gives the impression they are happy, confident, and are fun to be around. So what do people with yellow teeth give as an impression?

People with yellow teeth may give an impression that they are lazy, not hard-working, or don’t care about their personality. Well, most of the time, this is not really the case and it usually has to do with their lifestyle and choices. One of the easiest ways to ruin beautiful, white teeth is to smoke. The smoke causes a build-up on your teeth that is almost impossible to remove. This leaves your teeth with a yellow stain. Even if you brush very often the stain can still be impossible to get rid of and you could be stuck with yellow teeth for a long time.

It is very difficult to quit smoking, but if you can it will save you in many ways. It will prevent further health damages such as damage to your lungs. Also, it will prevent further staining of your teeth and you maybe able to recover those white teeth once again.

There are other lifestyle changes that can help keep your teeth whiter. One example that may affect millions of people is drinking coffee. Coffee is well-known to cause staining of your teeth and leaving you with a yellow stain on your teeth. Similar to smoking, drinking coffee is very addictive and difficult to quit, but if you can find a way the benefits are amazing when it comes to your teeth.

It is true that brushing your teeth as recommended by your dentist may prevent your teeth from becoming yellow, but in some cases it is not enough. You need to have some other product that will help you in getting your teeth white again and giving the right impression to people again. You can stop worrying about what people are thinking about you because you finally have those white teeth again.

Currently, there are many teeth whitening products on the market, but how do you know if it will really work for your teeth unless you try it on yourself. There is no better way to convince yourself then to try it on yourself. I have found a product that will allow you to try it for free with a rebate. This will allow to try it on yourself and see the results without spending a large amount of money.

Several Quick Methods To Make You Look Taller

Some people are worried about their heights, why others would be taller but I look so short? So you would think that you’re unfortunate because you are not tall enough.

Here is a joke. A giraffe scorns to a rabbit: My neck is so long that when delicious wine flows in, it is really feast. The rabbit also despises the giraffe and asked him: Have you ever vomited? This tells us that been tall has its pulses but downside, too. There’s no need to complain your height, because it depends on your genes, but if you really have to look taller, you can do something and change the height and make yourself taller in the appearance.

Here are some quick methods for you, then you’ll know how to look taller, they are suitable for both men and women.

The average heights of men and women are different, and the average heights are different in different areas. It is not the only method to make you taller by wearing heels or heighten shoes. Sometimes, you will be confident with your height by wearing the right collocation clothes. Without further ado, several tips will make you feel taller.

First thing you should do is to make yourself peart. Slouching makes you look short. Stand with your back straight, put your arms by your side, look confident when you do so. Ask your friends to remind you when you look slouching. Find problem is not enough, you should correct this bad habit. A chair with a straight back can help you to keep your body posture straight when you are at work. At ordinary times, you can stand against a wall and make sure your shoulders and hips contact the wall as much as possible. This not also helps to shape your bodily form but you will automatically start looking taller.

Another advice is to keep fit. Height should be in proportion to weight. If you are short but a little fat, you would look shorter, but if you are thin, you may look taller.

Wearing the right clothes also makes people look taller. Don’t buy jeans that are longer than your legs too much. You should get rid of all those loose, baggy clothes which impede you look taller. Women should not wear capris, shorts, and other such bottoms because they will highlight your legs at a point where you look shorter. Skirts or shorts that end above the knee will be good choices but do not wear boots to go with this skirt, that couldn’t help. Wear empire line jackets and long scarves to enhance your height. Vertical stripes can give illusion of height especially for big person. From the color point, black makes people thinner, and small prints are better than large flowers on your clothes.

Actually, remember that confidence is the first and best method to make you look taller. It is unnecessary to be embarrassed by your height because you should love yourself and who you are, and then you will never feel downside in any way.

Will Using a Lip Balm Protect Your Lips?

Without the lips, one may neither give the brightest of smiles nor greet somebody a warm hello. Since the lips are among the most valuable assets of men and women, but since they are truly delicate and soft parts of the body, one must afford it the protection it needs so that it does not get damaged by weather elements and other external factors. One of the ways to do this is by using lip balm.

A lip balm, or a lip salve, is a substance with a waxy consistency that you can apply on your lips in order to give it a layer of protection against harsh weather elements. With all the changing temperatures and weather conditions of today, your lips would need all the protection it could get against the cold temperatures, dry air, and strong winds. If they are not protected in any manner, you might suffer from dry chapped lips and cold sores.

It actually provides the moisture that they need. So even if your surroundings are dry and entirely unkind to them, it would prevent moisture loss and would give you a more comfortable time. It would also save you the embarrassment of having to constantly wet your lips because of a dry feeling.

However, not all of them are considered as safe. Some of them contain ingredients that are actually harmful to the body. An example of which is petrolatum, which has been linked to breast cancer. In fact, this derivative of petroleum has been listed as a probable carcinogen by the UNECE, or the European Union’s Dangerous Substances Directive. Aside from petrolatum, you also need to watch out for mineral oil, methylparaben, polyparaben, padimate, and tocopheryl.

A safe alternative to them that contain harmful ingredients is a natural one. You can expect ample protection from a natural one, and at the same time, you are assured that its ingredients are natural. Some natural ingredients include jojoba, Vitamin E, aloe vera, carrot, avocado, hempseed, coco butter, as well as wild crafted beeswax. You also need not to worry about the sun’s UV rays because natural lip balms provide sun protection as well. A lip balm with SPF30 is enough to keep your lips safe from the sun. Of course, if it has a higher SPF, it also provides better sun protection.

Using lip balms will definitely protect your lips from harmful elements of the sun and the weather. You just need to be careful with the type that you will be using.

Tooth Whitening Products

In these modern times, almost anything can be made synthetically in order to cater to the demands of a certain population. Items ranging from artificial sweeteners, artificial meat, synthetic cloth to artificial pregnancies in artificial insemination (of hogs and cattle), all need a safer and better solution once utilized. The same can also be applied when it comes to tooth whitening products. If you are not careful, you might possibly experience irreparable damage that you might later regret. So when it comes to tooth whitening products, be sure to verify how safe it is to use.

Some of the safer ones that are recommended are teeth whitening gels, dental whitening kits and the safest of them all, the in-office procedure. Let us then tackle each one of these tooth whitening products briefly.

Teeth whitening gels are made up of many combinations of chemical ingredients varying from one company to the next. But the most common one would be the hydrogen peroxide ingredient that penetrates the enamel’s pores, lightening the dentin (The inner part of the tooth next to the enamel). The dentin is responsible for the teeth color thus producing white teeth. These are usually applied twice to thrice for three to four weeks before you acquire a really noticeable look. Some similar products would claim instant temporary results – within just one hour from application. Dental Kits have nebules of teeth whitening gels that are applied onto the dental trays – both upper and lower. Before anything else, the dental trays are submerged on lukewarm water just long enough to soften it a little and then immediately placing it on your teeth then molding it. The last product mentioned here is the in-office procedure done by the dentist. This is the safest among all methods but also the most expensive. All the more because dental surgeries and cosmetic procedures are not deductible to insurances. This would require several trips to the dental office and having a gradual improvement in teeth color. The dentist uses differen kinds of tooth whitening products depending on the client’s needs.

For the unsafe products, do not choose those products that require to be swished and spitted. Like mouthwashes for example. The product does not stay for very long inside the oral cavity plus it contains a stronger acid thereby eroding the enamel and weakening it. Whitening toothpastes that do not have fluoride are the ones that destroy teeth and make it brittle. Granules or powders are still no different than the toothpastes mentioned. Some tooth whitening products also allow greater damage when combined with another unsafe one.

There you have the safe and unsafe tooth whitening products that will help you to decide which ones to buy and utilize. Know the pros and cons and you will surely attain the whitest teeth you can probably acquire.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circle

Dark eye circle is a very common problem with many people. It may be due to several reasons like watching late night movies, sitting with your lap top for long hours or due to last night drink. Sometimes dark circles may be due to long term illness, inadequate sleep, or due to some allergies or some time it may be due to heredity factor.

There are many remedies which will effectively reduce or completely eliminate the dark circles. Following steps are there to reduce dark circles under the eyes naturally

1. First know the cause of your dark circles before finding out its remedy – If you are in a need of some treatment of dark circles, it is necessary to find out its cause. It may be for prolonged time period or for short term. It may be due to nasal congestion, allergies, inadequate sleep, pigmentation irregularities, sun exposure, thinning from age, your facial features, heredity and lifestyle factors. For each and every cause there is a suitable remedy.

2. Try a natural remedy – Natural remedy is best to treat the problem related to dark eye circle. Natural or home remedies are simply available in our home or garden. Natural or home remedies give the best result in treating the problem of dark eye circles. For using natural remedies you can use a potato and liquidize it. Scoop out and place gently the pureed potato on your closed eyes. Keep it on your eyes for 30 minutes and washes it off with warm water, another remedy is to slice cucumber into thick slices and place this slice over your eyes. Do this remedy daily. It is helpful and effective in reducing the problem of dark eye circles.

3. Get your beauty sleep – It is essential to have a plenty of sleep to reduce the problem of dark eye circles.

4. Healthy diet – It is necessary to take healthy diets to reduce the problem of dark eye circles. Always try to take healthy and balanced diet. It is also necessary to take vitamins and to drink plenty of water. It is said that dark circles may be caused due to deficiencies of vitamin K and also due to inadequate antioxidants.

5. Use cosmetics solutions – To reduce the problem of dark eye circles, cosmetics are also very effective and helpful. But be cautious in using the cosmetics whether they have some allergic reaction on your skin or not.

Homemade Hair Mask Recipes

Our hair gets easily damaged by blow of wind, sunrays and rain. It is necessary to take proper care. We must protect and improve the quality of our hair by preparing and applying masks. Hair masks are very important for improving the condition of the hair. But some of the hair mask is quite expensive. So it is better to prepare the hair mask at home only. There are many advantages in preparing the hair mask at home. The biggest advantage of preparing hair mask at home is that it won’t have any chemicals that why it will help in improving the quality of hair. There are many ingredients in our home by which we can easily prepare a hair mask at home.

Some of the homemade recipes

1. Egg mask – Take two eggs with 2 tablespoons of water and beat it properly. Apply this mask to your hair properly and massage it properly. Leave this mask for 10-15 minutes and then wash your hair with mild shampoo.

2. Yoghurt mask – Separate the yellow and white part of an egg. Beat the white part till it becomes foamy. Mix 6 tablespoons of natural yoghurt into this mixture. Massage this mixture into your hair and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Wash your hair with mild shampoo.

3. Avocado mask – Take one ripe avocado and mash it properly. In this ingredient add 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix these ingredients until it becomes creamy and apply this mixture to your hair. Leave this mask on your hair for 20 minutes and then wash it out with a gentle shampoo.

4. Milk and honey mask – Take a cup of full fat milk and add a tablespoon of honey in it. Mix it properly and apply it to your hair for 15 minutes. Wash your hair with mild and gentle shampoo.

5. Honey and Olive mask – Take 3 tablespoons of olive oil and add 2 table spoons of honey in it. Apply this mixture to your hair and wrap your head with a plastic film or you can also put on a shower hat. Leave your hair for at least 30 minutes and rinse it well by using a proper shampoo.

6. Banana and almond mask for dry, damaged hair -take a ripe banana and mash it properly by adding few drops of almond oil in it. Mix it properly and apply to your hair. After 15-30 minutes wash out with gentle shampoo.

Makeup Foundation, The Below the Surface Secret to Perfection

This time I will teach you how to choose and apply the perfect makeup foundation. Let me assure you something, you do not need expensive surgeries to cover those imperfections that we all have and we all want to make disappear. I will give you my secret to accomplish that task without emptying your pockets.

Like we all know, everything starts with the correct and perfect makeup foundation. In a prior article on makeup in general, I talked briefly about makeup foundation and its importance. Now, let me elaborate. Makeup foundation is an amazing secret that makes our skin look naturally flawless, smooth and with a healthy glow. The tone of your makeup foundation completely depends on your skin, and when you have a good regime of maintenance, reparation and prevention system (skin care regimen and the subject of another of my informative articles) you will notice that foundation is not as necessary which means that you can go straight to a light dusting of powder. Until we get you there though, there are many types of makeup foundations, and is important to choose the one that best adapt to your skin tone and skin type so its looks natural. Also there are foundations that have luminescence with is light reflecting qualities creating a glowing, refine look; creating a more youthful look. When you choose the correct and perfect makeup foundation I guarantee your makeup will stay on longer and look its best.

Technology has given us many forms of foundations with multiple consistencies such as stick, liquid, crème, tinted moisturizer, tinted face balm, moisturizer compact, mineral powder and mousse. The stick form is neatly packed crème foundation and concealer in one, best for normal to dry skin. Liquid form is the most popular, and it can be formulated to different types of skin. Crème form is smooth and creamy, specifically formulated for dry to normal complexions. Mousse form is actually a crème foundation that comes in a jar and is of whipped consistency. It is perfect for mature skin because it does not accumulate in fine lines, and instead of sitting on your skin it tends to sink in to it giving you skin a natural appearance instead of the cakey look. Tinted moisturizer is perfect for summer time because is very light and gives sheer light weight coverage. Tinted face balm gives skin a dewy finish and is formulated for extra dry skin because it adds hydration to the skin. Moisturizing compact provide medium to full coverage for dry to extra dry skins. Mineral powder is best for oily to very oily skin and there is a warning: oily skin tends to change the shade of the powder.

Now it is time to choose the right shade. The most important aspect at the time to choose a shade is that it has to blend well into your skin, for nobody wants a cakey look. Choose a makeup foundation that is yellow base, as just about 1% of people is pink base (basically people that get sunburn even in the shade). Makeup foundation should only even out your skin tone; therefore, you should try many shades or ask a person that knows about makeup to help you choose the correct one. Many companies have shades cards that will give you an idea of your shade. Is very important for the perfect makeup to have an even skin tone, and that is why I recommend to double check the shade of your makeup foundation on your forehead, for many women tend to have darker skin around that area. I also suggest choosing a shade during the day, because it helps you to select one that better blends with your skin. Never try makeup foundation on the arms or other areas, as your face is rarely the same color of the rest of your body. Some skins get darker during the summer or when on vacation as a natural response to sun exposure. Keep a darker shade on hand so you can blend it when you are between shades or use it alone when your skin gets darker.

Before applying your foundation use a good primer and concealer to cover imperfections like red spots or blemishes. Begin applying the foundation on the nose using a small amount; blend it upward toward the hairline. You can apply it all over, or just where you need it and press it to your face with your fingers to fully blend.

Times have change and there are foundations made for those with combination skin. These new foundations are made with silica beads that soak up oil and lecithin that hydrates skin. Moisturizers and oil control lotions can be applied on the skin before you apply your make up. There are primers and concealer that will help you to create the perfect skin tone and will help you minimize dilated pores. Also there are primers to give more light to tired eyes, to cover marks on skin and blemish skin. The bottom line is you have everything you need to create the perfect canvas for the perfect makeup. For more information on tools and techniques to apply makeup feel free to contact me, I will love to personally help you.