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Best Beauty Tips and Secrets

“The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.” – Joseph Campbell.

What you can do to your skin, to look the best as ever? Well, skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of our body. Unfortunately, there are many who don’t pay much attention to their skin.

Spending lot of money on your skin is not what your skin needs. But make sure your dish contain all the nutrients for a healthy skin. Your diet means a lot to your skin because you really look like what you eat.

Being a delicate organ skin needs to be treated very lightly, avoid being harsh to it. A stressful life can take away the glow from your skin. So leading a peaceful life along with eating healthy food can help you get back your radiant looking skin. Also don’t forget to get plenty of sleep to get a healthier and energetic skin. You can simply spend lot of money on creams and beauty products but they won’t be worth it if you don’t take care of your body as a whole. Remember your ultimate aim is to get a healthy and radiant looking skin at the same time.

So, just follow these tips to help you get started..

Always Stay Hydrated

Make sure you have plenty of water, at least 8 glasses of water every day. It is an excellent beauty product gifted by nature. Water being a beauty regime, apart from drinking; wash your skin regularly with clear and soft water. If possible use a hydrating face mask once a week.

What you should avoid?

When you breathe fresh air you can have a healthier skin, so avoid smoking. The harmful chemicals inhaled will affect our body’s ability to reproduce new cell. Also avoid a high calorie intake as it directly and indirectly affects the glow of your skin.

Home remedies.

It is always better to follow any natural home beauty tips. For example, you can remove the puffiness of your eyes by making eye pads with coffee powder or slices of cucumber than opting for some unwanted chemicals.


Make sure you go out with any good sunscreens on your face if there is a possibility of exposure to sun. The harmful rays from sun can cause wrinkles, burns and damages to your skin. There are some common sunscreen mistakes that you should avoid while applying sunscreens. Just do a small research on that.

So stay healthy and be gorgeous as ever.

Effective Cellulite Treatment: Snake Oil or Mesotherapy Medicine?

In Europe Mesotherapy has been in practice with success for more than a decade. In fact, it is fast growing into one of the most popular and effective methods of cellulite reduction. More and more patients are requesting to undergo a Mesotherapy at the clinics and the medi-spas in America. However, in addition to this unprecedented increase in popularity, a number of questions have been raised about its established efficiency and the scientific severity that sustain the claims of its capability to burn fat thereby reducing cellulite deposition.

Cellulite Treatment with Mesotherapy is based on the application of medicine compounds that are directly injected into the restricted areas of skin. This is done for the purpose of speedy absorption straight into the dermal skin. This is a rather new method that has become immensely efficient in eliminating cellulite and localized fat depositions. The latest studies have revealed that mesotherapy also has a few anti-aging advantages as well. Mesotherapy basically works by transferring minuscule amounts of natural vitamin extracts and pharmaceutical agents into the dermis of the skin. This initiates the melting process of the fat deposits that are stuck in the dermis layer contributing largely to the cellulite appearance. Mesotherapy also helps in improving the over all circulation, carry out effective repairing of the injured and weakened connective skin tissues and boost the lymphatic drainage as well.

After giving out one injection of the Mesotherapy Medicine, medical practitioners claim that the human body becomes stimulated and starts healing at a very fast pace. Mesotherapy is carried out in order to treat particular localized areas that have cellulite depositions. This therapy also comes in handy in case of over all fat reduction in the entire body as well. The best part is this is an entirely painless procedure with no significant side effects. The only bare minimum that can result from the treatment is a little bruising and swelling which clears up in a week. Wide ranging scientific studies have been carried out to gauge the efficiency of Mesotherapy in reducing cellulite and fat but inside the established health community only. Mesotherapy has been commonly practiced in a number of European cities for more than a decade now. The results achieved have more often than not been positive only. So Mesotherapy stands to have a safe and positive track record.

No wonder it is one of the most commonly practiced techniques of fat reduction helping common people all around the world to get rid of cellulite. It has established itself as one of the standard medical procedures in Europe having found extensive practice in the anti-ageing akin clinics as well. This is the latest and most trendy treatment methods that is affordable than most of the other cosmetic cellulite treatment methods. The therapy method is more or less taken to be safe when performed under the supervision of a trained and skilled practitioner who is able to offer the superior grades of injectable ingredients.

The price for Mesotherapy depends on the area where a patient lives and the fee of the doctor may also vary from one place to another. Most often patients start locating marked improvements in the conditions within a couple of treatment sessions only but under no circumstance should the patient restrain from a second opinion.

Book a Party for Memorable Hassle Free Events

Beauty is skin deep. It certainly is because real beauty comprises a healthy skin that glows from within. No amount of layers of makeup can match the exquisite glow that the skin emanates from within. Looking after one’s skin is just not a means to make one look beautiful but also feel good about oneself. Alarmingly most of the products available in the market are chemical agents which do more harm than good to the skin. It is important to nurture the delicate epidermal shield with absolutely natural products which have a long lasting effect without causing damage. Organic skin care products are true herbal products wherein the herbs are grown using natural manure and without any chemical pesticides. These organic skincare products are safe to use on all kinds of skin without causing any adverse effects.

It has been noted the cases of dermal reaction to cosmetics has drastically reduced with the use of organic products. Organic skincare products constitute organically grown natural herbs and plant products. Aloe vera is a natural moisturiser. It also has antiseptic properties and has an excellent effect on skin. Turmeric and neem are natural antiseptics, use of these in skin care products is beneficial for acne prone skin as well as for certain dermal infections. Fruit extracts are rich in antioxidants and protect the skin from free radical damage. Antioxidants also prove to be protective against cancer.

A major advantage of using these is that there almost no side effects and these organic skincare products can be used for prolonged duration unlike chemical cosmetics which harm the skin on long term use. Organic skin care products can make the skin look refreshed and rejuvenated and catch everyone’s eye at parties.

Party planning is no longer a cumbersome brain racking activity. With services of book a party available, party planning has become very convenient. Just a theme is to be selected and the requirements laid out with a budget statement. Right from invitations, to venue decoration and menu are arranged for according to the theme. If theme party is not desired, classic and traditional events are also catered for. Whatever be the occasion, whether a birthday or engagement party or the more casual bachelor and pajama party book a party caters to all.. Right from official to traditional dos, party plan for each occasion are designed and arranged for according to the clients desires.

With these services, the host can heave a sigh of relief and can enjoy the party as much as the guests. The botheration about sending the invites, decoration and even sufficiency of food and drinks are totally eliminated as every minor detail is looked into giving the host a complete peace of mind. It is however desirable to research about the service provider and discuss in detail beforehand about all the aspects so as to make the process convenient and to enhance the efficiency.

Hairdressing Trolleys, Salon Reception Desk and Many Other Gimmicks to Attract Customers

If you want to fill your beauty salon with (beauty products) then you should make sure that they are useful ones. A beauty salon is a place where people, customers for example, would want to spend time to feel and look good. Therefore, the salon owner should make sure that the place is well decorated and well prepared with the right equipments. A customer who enters a salon and sees that it is disorganized and cluttered, will most probably be turned off and will refuse to patronize it in the future. First impressions are always important no matter what they say, you may have a salon that has excellent beauticians, you may have the best barbers in town and you may have the best and advanced beautifying equipment at your disposal but that will be all for nothing if a customer sees your place in a great mess, shrugs and moves on. Getting the important materials that can catch the customer’s attention, like eye-catching hairdressing trolleys, or colorful hairdressing chairs and sofas will be to your advantage. You can’t just leave everything to your outside signboard to attract customers, you have to take the initiative and beautify the whole salon.

A salon will only be as good as its employees and that is a fact. Many customers will come back to your salon if they’re satisfied with how your barbers, beauticians etc. handle your customers. Same is true that they will not come back if your services are poor. But if a customer did not even make a step inside your salon, how will you be able to sell your excellent service to them? A kid will want a colorful and shiny candy than a bland and colorless one. A customer who comes into your salon and bat their eyes sees that it’s not kept tidy and it’s not well decorated, will think that your salon is one of those that can’t provide decent services to their customers. That is a sad day indeed for you if you see an eager customer opening your door only to stare at the inside of your salon and then close the door and leave. Some extravagant hairdressing trolleys positioned just a bit close to the door and some really nice equipment made placed in strategic locations can really help pull your customers in, so try that out.

You may also add a salon reception desk and a welcoming receptionist to your list of things to add to your salon to attract more customers. We assure you that presentation is always appreciated by scrutinizing customers and it pays to get on their good side.

Top Anti Aging Tips To Start The New Year Looking Vibrant

As the world continues to try and attain physical perfection, women everywhere struggle to find innovative ways to reverse the signs of aging. Instead of resorting to pricy cosmetic surgery, ladies can follow these helpful tips turn back the hands of time. If you scout the aisles of the beauty departments you will see a common list of skin care ingredients popping up in the market place. The top 12 ingredients include the following:

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Retinoids, Almond Oil, Hydroquinone, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Aloe Vera, Salicylic Acid, Sunscreen Filters, Green Tea and Soy.

Let’s examine 3 very popular choices today:

Vitamin E

A diet rich in Vitamin E can do wonders for skin. It’s a natural anti-oxidant and moisturizer that inhibits oxidation processes that are the source of skin aging. Beauty products that feature Vitamin E effectively makes skin smoother, reduces roughness, heals cracking and prevents line and wrinkles.

According to scientists, collagen is damaged and aged when exposed to free radicals like UV rays, pollution and cigarette smoke, making skin lose elasticity. Creams featuring anti-oxidants like Vitamin E help protect the collagen which prevents sagging that adds unwanted years to faces.

Studies on Vitamin E have also shown this wonder vitamin has been shown to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, prevent the appearance of age spots and help maintain the skin’s delicate oil balance during the cleansing process.

Almond Oil

Ladies should also scout for Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis, commonly known as sweet almond oil, or products that contain it. This natural oil contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, which all promote healthy and rejuvenated appearance. The oil is also rich in fatty acids, minerals and proteins that work to nourish dull skin. It is a potent moisturizer that improves blood circulation, rehydrates skin and banishes wrinkles and crows feet.

Aloe Vera

Products rich in Aloe Vera can instantly repair and revamp skin. Its natural healing properties have made it one of the easiest ways to prevent aging, even way back in ancient Egypt and India. It is a powerhouse of moisturizing ingredients like water, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, Vitamins A, C, and E, Zinc and super oxides that cleanse the skin for a radiant look.

Consuming Aloe Vera improves hydration, causing skin to look bright, feel smooth and prevent tell tale signs of aging like wrinkles and age spots. Aloe Vera is extremely accessible and is available in several beauty products in the cosmetic industry.

Tahitian Monoi Oil for Natural Skin and Hair Care

I was extremely excited when I first learned about the benefits of using natural coconut oil on my skin and hair! And, I’ve been using food-grade, natural, coconut oil as a hair and skin conditioner for a few months now with excellent results.

My skin is softer, and my dark hair is sleek and shiny. Oh, and some people think I smell quite lovely, too. You can’t beat that yummy coconut fragrance.

The benefits of using Coconut Oil – a product ignored and misunderstood for hundreds of years in the Western world (but not in the East) – are good. So you can imagine my delight when I read about French-Tahitian Monoi Oil in one of my favorite magazines. Oh, yes! I made a snap decision step-up my game and try something new.

First, a bit of background: In its purest state, Monoi de Tahiti is the result of macerating the tiare flower, an indigenous Tahitian gardenia, in refined coconut extract for at least 10 days, slowly infusing the oil with botanical nutrients a delicate, natural floral scent.

Monoi has played a prominent role in the Polynesian way of life for centuries, ancestral rites, in traditional medicine, local pharmacopoeia or in their personal care. Monoi continues to play a role in the rich Polynesian culture, today.

Unlike pure coconut-oil, I was unable to find Monoi oil in a non-cosmetic formulation. Okay, so it’s not for use in cooking.

A variety of cosmetic Monoi oil products is sold in trendy stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks starting at $60 and higher for 3 to 4 fl. ozs. These are packaged beautifully, and some brands are offered with a tiare in the bottle.

If you’re like me, a bargain always beats a luxury shopping experience. In that case, you can try Monoi Tiare Tahiti, which carries the Appellation d’Origine, a prestigious award granted to it by the French Government by Decree n. 92-340 in 1992. The Appellation d’Origine signifies that the product contains genuine Monoi de Tahiti. Monoi de Tahiti was a first for a cosmetic product to receive this French award that represents recognition of unique local expertise combined with the unique qualities and characteristics of the Polynesian soil. You’ll find Monoi Tiare Tahiti online for just $10 to $20, and the beautiful Tahitian gardenia is included, as well.

Monoi de Tahiti is truly a product of the tropics, and because natural Monoi contains no emulsifiers to keep it in a liquid state, it solidifies at temperatures below 68 F (20 C). This is perfectly natural. If it happens, simply run warm water over the container until the oil liquefies again.

So how did it work on my skin and hair? I am not sure if I will give up my daily coconut regimen, but, as a skin and hair conditioner, Monoi certainly works.

Monoi is made with highly refined coconut oil. As a skin moisturizer, it is lighter, and easier to massages into your skin. Thirsty skin absorbs Monoi quickly, and it leaves only a soft glow. Monoi feels fantastic on my skin, and the gardenia fragrance is positively divine.

Like coconut oil, Monoi de Tahiti is also an excellent hair conditioner. Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub it into your hair. Shampoo the oil out after waiting 10 to 15 minutes. The oil penetrates the hair shaft and bonds to proteins to repair damaged hair, eyelashes, and brows, and actually fortifies them against breakage.

My hair looks and feels fantastic after using Monoi oil. (I have to confess that I also found myself dabbing a little into my hand and using my fingers to sweep away a few unruly wisps during the day. You can’t do that with pure coconut oil, which is thick and fibrous.)

Over all, I found Monoi oil to be an excellent skin and hair conditioner and moisturizer. And, it is the perfect product to carry in my purse for use during the day.

Honey Facial Masks

Everyone knows that honey is a natural sweetener produced by bees, but did you know that honey is also terrific for your skin?

Reviewing ancient Greek culture, we know that keeping their skin clear and soft was a high priority. They used honey, as well as olive oil, for cleaning and moisturizing the skin.

Egyptian history informs us that Egyptians used honey as a medicine, applying it to cuts, to prevent bacteria. It is also refers to Cleopatra as using honey in her bath to keep her skin smooth and firm.

Today, most facial masks include honey. Honey’s natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties serves as a sun block, helps the skin to refresh exhausted skin, making it feel silky-smooth and re-energized. Honey is suitable for every skin type, even those with sensitive skin and acne.

Homemade facial masks are often better for your skin than purchasing expensive items. Not only can you save money when you make the formula at home, you also know that your recipe does not contain preservatives. It is all natural.

Other benefits to preparing face masks at home are you can put together a recipe in a few minutes; apply the mask at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home. Using a face mask once or twice a week, and being consistent, can make a difference in the way your skin looks and feels.

A honey face mask is effective and easy to make.

Combine honey with one other of the following ingredients until you have a smooth paste (remove seeds, pits and seeds in order to have a smooth mask):
Aloe vera, avocado, carrot, cream cheese, cucumber, lemon, mango, pear, peach, pineapple, strawberries, wheat germ or yogurt.
Apply the mixture to your clean face and neck; avoiding the eye area, relax with mask for 15 minutes, and clean off the mask alternating cold and warm water and ending with a splash of cold water.

A recommendation to get the most benefit out of your honey mask is to use organic ingredients. Also make sure that you always prepare the masks fresh, do not make them in advance of use.

Before proceeding with any face mask, it is important to test the ingredients on a patch of your skin. You want to make sure that you will not have an adverse reaction to the ingredients. Normally, if you are able to digest an ingredient there should be no adverse reaction on the skin. You do not want to find out after you have applied a mask. If you know you are allergic to something, then you would not want to have that ingredient in your face mask. Always better to be safe and test everything prior to application.

Enjoy how you feel and look!

Laser Hair Removal Can Help You To Permanently Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Waxing and shaving are the time-honored means of removing unwanted body hair. However there is now available the alternative of laser hair removal that can eliminate stubble or reduce it for longer periods than waxing can achieve.

Laser hair removal is considered a long-term procedure, that can take even years to be fully effective. This treatment is only possible on follicles that are growing, and thus may require at least six sessions for results to be noticed. As sessions can only take place at intervals of two to three months, the entire procedure can take a fairly long time.

Certain precautions are necessary before you can go in for laser hair removal. It is best if you avoid getting tanned or sunburned. This may require you to use sunscreen whenever you go outside. It can also help if you stop the tweezing or waxing and go in only for shaving. Any sunscreen will have to be wiped clean before the laser session is started. A session can make your skin tender or red, and you may be required to put on some sort of lotion. You will also need to ensure that you are properly hydrated by taking in a lot of fluids (water is preferred) and avoid the sun, to help the healing process.

Laser hair removal is best taken from salons that have experienced technicians. Such treatment first requires the area that has the unwanted hair to be treated with a product that dyes the hair. This penetrates the hair inside the follicle. An intense light that comes form a handheld device is then used to spray the light on the dye treated area. This dye attracts the light and causes a lot of heat to be generated. It is this heat that makes the follicle release the hair and fall out from the follicle. It also gets damaged and is thus not able to produce any additional hair.

The damage to the follicle is very subtle and just prevents it from producing any hair in the future. The number of sessions required to completely stop unwanted hair depends on the skin and constitution of each person. It also depends on the area of the body that is being treated, and legs can take a lot of time to be free of hair.

It is also possible nowadays to get home laser machines which you can use on your own. It is easily done at home to remove hair from areas that are easily accessible by yourself. You need to keep a gap of at least six weeks between sessions.

Wedding Hairdressers and Salons

Choosing the best hairstyle for your wedding day can be a minefield. For a style that you can be proud of on you want to make sure you choose the hair dresser that’s right for you. From up-styles to super sleek locks, there’s a huge selection of hairstyles for brides to choose from.

Wedding stylists have a range of juicy tips and tricks to make your hair the sensation of the night. The greatest demand is for hairstyles ranges from the current celebrity trends, including the latest royal wedding styles from monarchs all over the world, to the more sophisticated styles harking back to the yonder years. Your wedding hairdresser will be able to guide you along the right path to hair fit for a queen.

If you are thinking of perhaps wearing a head piece on your big day, you could consider half up-do styles that will accommodate it. Hair Extensions are an option to consider if you find yourself having no patience to grow your hair for the big day and your hairdresser will be more than happy to lay out all the options that are best suited to you and your hair.

Extra bounce and volume can be created with some cleverly placed hair extensions which come in range of colors to suit your particular hair color.

Flirty romantic curls are always a popular choice with many brides to be, and you can discuss the type of curl you wish to create with your stylist who can recommend anything from G.H.D. curls to a more time consuming approach.

The length of your hair will determine the array of curly styles available from your chosen wedding hairdresser. For example big curls will bring a touch of elegance to longer hair and short little curls can add a sense of fun to shorter hair.

Remember to account for the cut of your dress when consulting with your hair salon, as a more revealing cleavage will suit nice flowing locks, while a more conservative dress may suit an up do. In order to keep your stylist informed so she she can advise of the best style for you, it is best to have a picture of the dress on the day of the consultation so she can have a clearer picture of the look that would be best for you on your special day. Most importantly, choose a wedding hairdresser that you feel comfortable and confident with as this is fundamental to creating the perfect style for you!