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Professional Organic Hair Color

Organic Hair Color

As our population continues to age, more and more women are turning to professional permanent color to prevent their hair from looking dull and grey. Because of this, there has been a heightened awareness of the highly toxic chemicals found in most permanent colors. This has led to a huge increase in the popularity of organic hair products.
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Organic color offers an alternative to the more health conscious woman who does not want to sacrifice her health for her beauty. Although organic hair color is a much safer, healthier choice than it’s toxic alternatives, it can actually perform much better than the chemical brands that are used in most salons. Although a professional colorist may charge between 10% and 15% more for organic haircolor than chemical based haircolor, the results will be a more vibrant, healthier, shinier, and longer lasting color that does a superior job at covering resistant great hair. The reason why professional organic hair color products costs a bit more than chemical based professional color products is all in the ingredients. The organic raw ingredients required to make high quality organic color is several times more expensive than the cheaper synthetically created chemicals used in chemical based color.

How is Organic Hair Color Different?

There are three primary differences between professional organic color and chemical based color products. First, organic color will not contain ammonia while chemical based color contains high amounts of ammonia or ammonia hydroxide (ammonia and water). Second, organic color will minimize its use of synthetic chemicals. Third, a good organic color will maximize its use or certified organic raw ingredients to nourish and restore the hair while providing it with a rich, permanent, lustrous color.

Ammonia-Free Hair Color

Ammonia is a dangerous corrosive toxin whose primary purpose in the color process is to blast open the cuticle. Opening the hair’s cuticle is necessary for the color molecules to enter the hair’s cortex where it oxidizes with hydrogen peroxide resulting in permanently coloring the hair. High quality professional organic color will use a swelling agent like cocamide (which is naturally found in coconut oil) to gently swell the cuticle open allowing the color molecules in the color to enter the hair’s inner cortex. This process usually requires the use of heat to assist in the swelling process. After the oxidative color process is complete, the heat is removed from the hair and the cuticle swells down to its natural state sealing the color inside the hair’s cortex naturally protected by the in-tact cuticle. This is preferred to using ammonia to blast open the cuticle as doing so will damage the hair and leave it damaged allowing the color to slowly fall out. When color begins to come out to the hair’s cortex through daily activity, it is called color fade. Color fade rarely happens with organic color and is quite common with chemical color.

There are other reasons why it is a good idea to leave ammonia out of color. First, ammonia free color provides superior performance as discussed above. Second, ammonia produces a foul and unpleasant smell, scalp irritation, discomfort, and damage to the hair cuticle. Finally, ammonia is a known toxic and has been linked to several types of cancer.

Minimizing the Use of Synthetic Chemicals

Any color is a chemical process. Fortunately, advancements in organic sciences have provided high-performance safer alternatives to many of these chemicals involved in the color process. Two ingredients that are often found in chemical based color are resorcinol and formaldehyde. These two chemicals are among the most dangerous chemicals used in color products and are known toxins and linked to many diseases including many forms of cancer, reproductive disorders, neural system and brain disorders, and respiratory system problems. Also, color products should never contain any form of 2,5 Diamine Toluene Sulfate, or (PTD). 2,5 Diamine Toluene Sulfate is a common substitute for a dye that has been found to be allergic in some people. The problem is, 2,5 Diamine Toluene Sulfate, while usually not an allergen, is extremely toxic and highly dangerous, especially in the quantities necessary in color products.

Maximize Use of Certified Organic Ingredients

To nourish and rejuvenate the hair, a high quality professional organic color product will contain certified organic ingredients that are specifically formulated to treat the hair naturally and organically. Some excellent certified organic ingredients you will find in the best professional organic hair color products include hydrolyzed wheat protein to act as a conditioner, extracts from fruits that are effective anti-oxidants like orange and grapefruit, natural soothing agents like comfrey and chamomile extracts, as well as essential vitamins for the hair like vitamin C and vitamin E which are also antioxidants. There are several natural ingredients that should only be used with caution such as essential oils because of the tendency of some essential oils to dry out the hair and grape seed extracts because of its high acidity.

Other Things to Consider About Organic Hair Color

Some organic color products are also certified by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as being vegan and cruelty-free. This means that none of their products have ever been tested on animals and that they do not use any animal byproducts in their products. Organic Color Systems is one that is also certified as being ammonia free and containing only certified organic ingredients by the Soil Association of the United Kingdom. Such socially responsibility is an additional benefit of using an organic color over a chemical based one.

Having Beautiful Eyes Is No More A Dream

Every woman is desperate to have beautiful eyes. These are the most prominent part of one’s face. The eye is sensitive and gets irritated easily. Even a small particle can make it secrete. Therefore, be careful. Follow these important guidelines to keep eyes healthy:

Clean regularly

Keep your eyes as clean as possible. Wash with normal or cold water every morning, evening and before bed. If you wear lenses, keep these in solution to remove any dirt particles. Avoid going into dusty air.

Treat dark circles

No matter how natural beauty lies in your eyes, dark circles tarnish the good look. Get up early in the morning and avoid late night TV shows that keep you stuck for long hours. Treat all medical problems that lead to the formation of dark circle around eyes. Try some tested and effective home remedies too. Eyes can be covered with chilled cucumber or potato slices every four to six days. This is an effective remedy.

Try rosewater or honey

These are known to be the best tonics for beautiful eyes. Put a few drops of pure rosewater in eyes every morning. It makes eyes clearer and enhances their natural shine. In a hot weather, keep rosewater in refrigerator. Its coldness will soothe eyes. Honey is another wonderful option, but it causes irritation. Make sure you can tolerate the reaction.

Use quality Cosmetics

Many women blindly follow glamorous ads and buy any eye makeup stuff that comes within their reach. They don’t consider its harmful effects. Buy high-quality eye cosmetics, and avoid fake or sub-standard products. Replace eye liner and mascara, after every three months. Avoid sharing any tweezers, eye lash curlers and make up that may transmit germs from one eye to another. In case of a medical problem, avoid using beauty products and follow prescription of the physician.

Get a well-balanced diet

This is really important in order to retain natural attraction of the eyes. Take at least 2 liters (8 glasses) or more fresh potable water every day. Increase fluid intake also. It helps a lot to treat puffy eyes. These foods are excellent for eyes:

· Fresh fruit juices

· Raw vegetables, salad

· Whole-grain cereals, bread and pasta

· All foods containing vitamin A

· Plain water

· Fluids

Avoid excessive consumption of chocolates, fast foods and junkies. Don’t take refined carbohydrates.

Adopt healthy lifestyle

Going to bed too late and getting up at noon can be the most harmful thing to the eyes. It leaves permanent dark circles. It also gives dull appearance. Reading in dim light is also a poor practice. Set timetable for the whole day and implement it properly. Don’t sit too close to television or computer. Do some morning walk and let your eyes expose to fresh air. Give your eyes generous splashes of cold water several times a day and after every outing, especially in summer. There are some specific exercises for eyes, which improve their health and appearance.

Quality Pedicure Chairs Make The Difference When Getting Pampered

Many individuals will choose a salon that they go to get their nails done based on the type of pedicure chairs they have to offer. The right pedicure spa chair can make all the difference in the world when you are trying to pamper someone. Most people are looking for a relaxing experience that will help them unwind after a long day.

When you seat the client into the pedicure chair, make sure that the water is the right temperature. You don’t want it to be too cold, and you definitely don’t want the water to be too hot. Remember that this is supposed to be a relaxing, spa experience for your client. Try to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Some clients might want help or advice when it comes to choosing a nail polish color, while others might know ahead of time exactly what they want. Once you get to know your clients and their personality, you will be better able to judge how you can best serve them. Offer them a magazine to read while they are waiting for their feet to be pampered.

A great way to up sale is to offer hand-painted designs such as flowers and other small designs. This will make their toes look even prettier and most individuals love the extra little details. Painted designs look very pretty with a french manicure, as well. A simple design can take a good experience and turn it into a great experience.

A quality pedicure spa chair will help ease the tension from their muscles. They can turn on the different massage features and begin to feel relaxed. Making sure that they have a nice experience will ensure that they will return to your salon time and time again. There are hundreds of pedicure spas, try to make yours stand-out from the competition.

Try to focus your attention on them. Make them feel valued and important. Some people will be more chatty than others, while other people might just want to sit back and relax. Try to get to know your clients so that you know what they expect from you. Most of all, don’t let them leave without feeling pampered and relaxed from a wonderful experience.

If you are looking to develop repeat customers, make sure that you are offering the best customer service possible. Focus on making your clients feel pampered every time they come to your salon. You can win them over with great customer service and a comfortable chair that makes them feel pampered. Imagine how great you will feel when you realize they prefer your salon over other salons.

Quality pedicure chairs make all the difference when getting pampered. Make sure that you are using high quality equipment that will keep your clients comfortable during the whole experience. With so many different salons offering nail services, it’s important that you make your salon stand out from the competition. Having the right chair for the job can make your salon a memorable experience for every customer that walks through your doors.

What To Consider When Shopping For A Pedicure Spa And Or Chair

A pedicure is the process of cleaning feet and toenails to free them off dead skin cells, and a pedicure spa is the means by which this is done. In course of the pedicure, the person sits on a special chair, known as a pedicure chair. A foot massage then follows the pedicure, rejuvenating the skin and relaxing the feet muscles. It also relieves one of stress and anxiety.

More and more people are buying them, largely due to the convenience of a home massage which is cheaper, as compared to professional spas. This equipment is also a great gift for women and people who are on their feet for prolonged periods. They can be obtained from pharmacies or departmental stores. Many brands either offer them as a package or as an individual product. Generally, recognized brand names are preferred because they honor any guarantees they give. One may however opt for smaller brands as they are usually cheaper.

Prices are largely determined by the functionality of the equipment, dealer and brand name. When buying online, one should remember that this is heavy equipment and therefore extra delivery charges will be incurred. Also, care should be taken to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous individuals posing as potential sellers.

Being a somewhat bulky equipment means that it is quite expensive. Caution should be taken to avoid phony brands which may seem to be less expensive, but are usually of inferior quality.

Quality largely depends on individual manufacturers. Price may not necessarily be an indication of quality; it is important to consult thoroughly. Reputable brands will normally have many satisfied customers. Some see pedicure chairs, which can be substituted with ordinary chairs, to be an unnecessary expense.

If however, one really wants to buy a pedicure chair, there are also several determining factors, such as comfort, safety and convenience. These chairs are mainly found in professional spas and salons. Basic ones consist of a sink where the feet are soaked, whereas some models have extra features, like air jets which literally transform the sink into a mini- whirlpool that massages the feet.

Chairs attached to sinks require to be installed near drainage and water supply mechanisms. Those without sinks can be installed in any room, so long as it is spacious. Usually, the kind of chair needed is influenced by space available and personal preference. Extra costs incurred in plumbing should also be considered.

Some chairs come equipped with foot rests so that one does not need to move about in course of the process. A small bench is also provided for the pedicurist to place their tools. Some have specially designed cabinets for stowing away supplies.

Nevertheless, these seats are quite expensive. Most people would rather use ordinary chairs or opt for cheaper ones that have fewer features. These are more suitable for personal use.

It is important to do some research on available options, while keeping cost and preference in consideration. Professionals will advise on appropriate choices, because they use them frequently and are therefore well acquainted.

Laser Hair Removal and Medical Spa

How to chose a facility. What to look for like Experienced RN, FDA approved laser, Physician owned Medical Spa.

Although laser hair removal is a relatively safe treatment, you want to ensure that you choose the best possible medical spa to receive it. The best medical spas will mean safer and more effective treatment, saving you money in the long run as your laser hair removal will not need to be corrected or repeated.

With so many medical spas available, and new ones cropping up every day, it can be difficult to know which ones are genuine, responsible treatment centers, and which will take your money and leave you in the lurch. However, there are a number of questions that you can ask to help sort out the good from the bad and select a medical spa that is right for you.

Is there a certified physician on the premises?

Although laser hair removal is a safe treatment, slight burning can sometimes occur. If there is a certified physician on the premises, he will not only be able to reduce the likelihood of injury but also provide immediate treatment in the unlikely event that something does go wrong. Some states do not require a physician to be present, so be sure to check what the procedure is at each clinic.

Is the medical spa owned by a physician?

Although all medical spas will have a consulting physician on their team, some are run by these physicians, and some are run by businessmen who are uninvolved in the medical process. Spas that are owned by a physician will be more concerned with keeping the treatment safe and up-to-date, focusing on your health rather than on the company’s profit margins.

What type of laser is used?

Look for one that has been FDA approved, as these lasers give better results over fewer procedures. Also find out how old the laser is, as older lasers take longer and require more repeat treatments than more state-of-the-art models. Finally, different lasers are effective for different skin colors and hair colors: laser hair removal is most effective on light skin and dark hair, so if that does not describe you, be sure to ask if the medical spa has one of the newer layers that can work effectively on your skin and hair.

Does the medical spa own the lasers?

Medical spas that have made this financial commitment are more likely to be experienced in the procedure and intend to stay in the business far into the future.

How much experience does the spa have?

Take a personal consultation, and find out how long the physician has been performing laser hair removal, how many they have performed in the past, and whether they are up-to-date on the latest innovations and discoveries in the field. You can also find out whether a physician has experience catering for your specific skin and hair type.

Are they recommended by others?

Find out if any friends or family members have received laser hair removal, where they had their treatment, and what their experience was like. Also see if you can get any recommendations from a medical spa’s previous customers to ensure that they are effective and truly care about customer satisfaction.

Looking At Hair Removal Options And Solutions

Getting rid of this unwanted hair is not usually the issue; the main problem normally comes about when it comes to preventing it from growing back. Most people would love a permanent hair removal solution that can just be applied once and then you don’t have to worry, but at the moment, there is very little on the market that can really achieve this cost effectively.

Below, we take a look at four options when it comes to hair removal solutions and how they can benefit you in the short to long term.

Cosmetic Products – Thanks to the rapid development and research into cosmetic solutions, there are now a range of cosmetic products on the market that can help to not only tackle unwanted body hair but also help to prevent it growing back as quickly in the future. These products are often part of a pack where you need to apply a few treatments and solutions in the correct order for them to work, but these products are really getting better as time goes on.

Shaving – Arguably the most common form of hair removal is shaving, which can be done with a wet or dry solution, with thousands of different products on the market all aimed at shaving unwanted body hair away. This is usually the cheapest option when it comes to dealing with body hair but is often a solution that has to be carried quite often due to how quickly the hair will grow back after each shave.

Waxing – Probably one of the most common solutions alongside shaving is waxing, with beauty salons and DIY kits offering millions of people across the world the chance to remove unwanted hair when they need to. Whether you try to do it yourself or you take advantage of a qualified beauty therapist to do it for you, it will often vary in terms of how long the hair takes to grow back depending on the person.

Laser – Laser treatment is a solution and treatment that has continually evolved thanks to the improvements in technology and hair removal research and studies. A qualified professional basically uses a laser to destroy the actual hair root, which in theory, stops the hair from re-growing and therefore coming back as bad. Laser treatment is not a one off solution because you may need up to 8 or 9 treatments before you can consider the treatment to be complete and it can often be quite expensive as well.

What Is an Infrared Body Wrap and the Top Five Benefits of an Infrared Body Wrap

What is an infrared body wrap?

An infrared body wrap is a body treatment that involves an infrared blanket and may or may consist of a product application.

An infrared blanket allows the client to relax while enjoying the benefits of infrared. When applying certain products to the body prior to the treatment, can accelerate the of the benefits.

First let’s talk about the benefits for a few moments.

Detoxification. Sweating is the natural way for the body to heal and stay healthy. Infrared provides a person with a deep sweat and cleansing of the skin because it penetrates the about 1 – 2 inches and pushes the toxins out through the sweating process.

Skin Rejuvenation. Infrared body wraps and infrared saunas can actually help restore skin to a more youthful appearance. There was a study done by the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy that showed a significant difference in just 12 weeks with the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet as well as a toning of the skin such as firmness, elasticity and clarity.

Pain Relief. Many people experience infrared heat works by penetrating joint, muscles and tissues, speeding up oxygen flow and promoting better circulation.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction. It has been studied that infrared helps the body to maintain healthy levels or cortisol. We have all heard about cortisol and how it the number one cause of belly fat. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced by the body and raises when we are stressed out and raises the heart rate and blood pressure leading to the deposit of excessive fat and weight in the midsection. So taking a 30 minute session 3 times a week can help you to relax and reduce the effects of excess cortisol.

Weight Loss. If you are looking to lose weight, then an infrared body wraps may be the key to your success. It has been shown that a 30 minute session can actually burn up to 600 calories. When the body temperature is raised by heat of any kind, our bodies need to cool itself down. In doing so our heart rate increases as well as our metabolic rate, which causes the body to burn calories. Using infrared is a simple and relaxing treatment to help with those extra pounds many of us are carrying around.

Infrared body wraps are becoming a popular service at spas and salons around the world, and with good reason.

The benefits from infrared wraps are many. Here were just five of the benefits people enjoy when receiving an infrared body wrap treatment.

I urge you to do some research and find out for yourself how this simple and affordable treatment can benefit how you look and feel.

Microdermabrasion – What Is Microdermabrasion at Home Like?

Now you do not need to go to a beauty salon or to the dermatologist to have microdermabrasion. You can enjoy peeling at home. You can select from a variety of products available on the market for home use. Learn more about them, their effectiveness, safety and cost to decide whether they are right for you.

Creams for microdermabrasion at home are the most widely available products. These creams contain an exfoliating agent. In most cases, they contain aluminum oxide crystals, which are traditionally used in professional treatments. However, the solution for home use works differently. The cream is applied on the skin with the use of a special applicator, which enhances the abrasive action of the crystals. With professional treatment, the crystals are pulsed onto the skin at great speed and then sucked up by the vacuum created by the professional machine.

How effective are creams for home use? They provide good exfoliation, but they are not as powerful as the professional treatments. This means that it will take you longer to achieve the desired results. In general, the creams are safe to use, but it is best to consult a dermatologist regarding your skin’s condition before you use any peeling method. One benefit of this solution for microdermabrasion at home is that it is inexpensive. A kit usually costs between $20 and $100 with the actual cream ranging from $10 to $95 per jar.

Microdermabrasion cloths for home use are widely available on the market as well. These have tightly woven microfibers which have abrasive properties. All you have to do is to take the cloth, damp and it and rub your face gently. A cloth usually costs between $10 and $15. It is essential for it to be replaced after a number of treatments in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cloth microdermabrasion at home provides the least powerful exfoliation. That is why it will take relatively long time to produce results. At the same time, since no chemical agents are used, this type of peeling is perfectly safe, provided that it is used appropriately.

Diamond microdermabrasion tools for home use are readily available on the market as well. These work on the same principle as the professional ones. The diamond tip of the want works to exfoliate the skin. At the same time, the suction section of the wand picks up the dead skin cells. You can set the speed at which the tip rotates to determine the depth of the exfoliation. Diamond tools for home use cost between $50 and $300 on average. They usually come with creams containing collagen and ones for protecting the skin after the peel.

It can be safely said that the diamond microdermabrasion tools are the most effective of all solutions for use at home. They are the most powerful and provide for the deepest possible exfoliation at home. While they are generally safe, extra care should be taken when they are used. It is perfectly possible for you to damage your skin if you get deeper peel than necessary.

Now you know all about microdermabrasion at home so you can readily choose the right option for you.

Pre Wedding Spa Treatments

A person’s wedding day can be the most important day in their life. This will be a day that a person will remember for their entire life. Some people’s memory might be fuzzy from champagne, but photos do not drink and last forever. That is why it is important to focus in on the beauty details. To do this you will need to plan out your week prior to the wedding day. This article will help in showing what, when, and how to make the week before your wedding a busy but self indulging experience.

The first thing to do is to decide what details is the most important to cover. Body wraps at a spa will take a day, but certain skin treatments might take up to a week or longer. That is why it is important to plan out your beautification. One should ask themselves, “what are the trouble spots?” Making a list will help out when it comes time to plan your week.

Our team at The Beauty Wrap has found that many people, especially women, are concerned with their skin. Blemishes can take some time to get rid of. You will want to start your blemish treatments at least a week prior to the wedding. Blemishes are not the only concern one has for their skin. Many women want soft skin on their wedding day. Lotions don’t always work and provide very short remedies. One option is to get a body wrap that uses shea butter and thick lotions. Unlike smothering your skin with these, a body wrap will infuse one’s skin with these materials. This will help ensure one’s skin will stay silky soft all the way through the honeymoon.

Body wraps can also help get rid of toxins in the body. People often feel healthier when they rid their body of toxins. A person will want to have a wrap done with seaweed, algae, or mud and clay. These treatments work best with an exfoliation using a dry brush or salt scrub first. This will open the skin’s pores to retain the natural chemicals to stimulate your metabolism and release toxins. This will ensure one’s health on their most important day.

Tanning beds are passé in today’s age, because of all the long term side effects. Also one might take the risk of being shrimp red on the big day. The answer is to get a spray tan the day prior to the wedding day. Spray tans have evolved since the 90s. The orange coloring that once plagued the market is now gone. Look for products that leave a natural tan look, and ones that don’t cause streaking. Spas often have employees that are trained to do tan airbrushing. During your spa day you can get this done after a relaxing massage.

The day prior to the wedding a full spa day will help in receiving all these products. A body wrap is best done at a span with a massage therapist. A massage therapist is knowledgeable in how to give a massage, and one will find this soothing as they are getting body wrap treatments applied. This will also give a bride or a groom the chance to relax while they are getting a hot stone massage to a full body wrap.

Of course a spa might be out of someone’s budget, especially after investing all the money into a wedding. Many companies offer these treatments at home. From acne medicine from ProActive to body wraps by The Beauty Wrap, you can manage to get spa quality treatments done at home.

Natural Makeup For Natural Beauty

Usually when we think of natural beauty we think of someone without makeup. Did you know that your natural beauty can be enhanced by using natural beauty products? That is: makeup and cosmetic products that are 100% natural and organic. Unfortunately most of the makeup that women wear is full of harmful toxins and chemicals. Makeup products and skincare products containing these actually can do more to harm the skin than enhance natural beauty.

You have probably heard it said that “…if looks could kill…”. For many years women have been led to believe that in order to look beautiful they have to wear makeup. Most large cosmetic companies market their products so that you feel that you can’t live without them. Who of us hasn’t seen a commercial and thought: “I would like to look like that”. This leads many women to put beauty first rather than health. Of course we all want to fit in and be accepted – but at what cost. Just think how much the makeup industry affects our thinking: How many films have you seen when the actress awakes in the morning without any makeup on? Probably not very many. So women start thinking that they have to look like this. Then their partners also start thinking the same. Then there is the other extreme. The terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ still have a stigma attached to them, and so many think that buying natural organic makeup products is only something for hippies.

Beauty though is all relative. You could say that it is skin-deep. Fashions also change. For example, what was fashionable in the 80′s would look pretty ridiculous in today. It used to be the fashion that women would have white skin – this showed that they were rich and didn’t have to spend a lot of time outdoors. Now the fashion is to have a tanned skin, which is to show the same – we’ve got a lot of money for recreation and exotic holidays. We have been led to believe that a tanned skin is a healthy skin. Actually that could not be further from the truth. A tanned skin is actually a damaged skin.

Culture also plays a part in what is acceptable and what is not. Coco Channel is quoted as saying: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” For example in Burma is desirable for women to wear neck rings to elongate their necks. It is also reported that tourism is to blame for this because they are a popular attraction for tourists. In China feet biding used to be popular. (This is a practice whereby children’s feet are bound to prevent further growth). The results were deformed feet. So we have to ask ourselves – how much of our thinking is being dictated by the media, culture and our peers? If you lived in China in the late 1800′s would you have had your children feet bound? Even if it meant you being different and being rejected as a ‘poor person’ or someone of a ‘lower social class’?

During the last few years many studies have been carried out which show that most of the commercially available makeup products on the market contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals and other irritants. Just take a look at the ingredients of any makeup or skincare product. How much of is sounds natural and how much of sound like you need a degree in chemistry to understand it? Even if you could understand everything that is listed under ingredients the cosmetic industry still hide toxic ingredients behind innocent sounding labels. For example: ‘scent’. Seems harmless enough, but the ‘scent’ could contain hundreds of different chemical combinations. Sometimes you have to wonder if the makeup products have been produced for putting on your skin or cleaning your car engine.
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It’s also worth noting that many of the commercially available makeup products actually cause skin irritations and allergies. Even some of the so-called cures for eczema or acne actually aggravate the skin and can make it worse.

Natural organic products are manufactured in such a way that they do not cause harm to humans or animals. They are biodegradable these organic and natural products are great for the environment as well.

By using natural organic makeup you will enhance your appearance and at the same time actually care for the health of your body and skin. In the long term, using natural organic makeup and skin care products will maintain a healthy balance in your body thereby improving your natural beauty and reducing the need for using too much cosmetics.

How is this so? Let’s examine one example. Did you know that drinking enough water moisturizes your skin? It also has many other ‘side-effects’, it keeps us healthier, improves metabolism, reduces headaches, and if we talk about makeup products, reduces the need to use so much moisturizer. All from something that comes free out the faucet. Think about this: whatever we put on our skin is absorbed by our body. Did you ever wonder where the skin cream went after you applied it? Yes, into our body and some of it is even metabolizes by the internal organs. If you use only products that are organic and contain natural ingredients you will help to keep your skin healthy.

Natural beauty will help you look beautiful naturally. Don’t risk your health for the sake of fashion. It’s been done in the past and many women are still paying the price. What will be the cost of using makeup products that are full of toxic chemicals? Already studies are showing that some of these chemicals are turning up in different cancers. While a definite link has to be proved, it is alarming that cancers seem to be on the rise the more we are using chemicals.

Natural makeup products are widely available and by using them you will not have ‘looks to die for’. They are just as effective as their toxic counterparts – but without the health risks. Remember also to care for you health by what you eat. You naturally look more beautiful when you are in good health and natural makeup product will enhance your natural beauty.