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Make Healthy Hair Your Default Hair

Hair is deemed an important element of an individual’s visual appeal. It is determined before birth and natural in its state when we are born. It is even predetermined how many strands of hair we are born with. Each hair strand grows up to a certain length after which it stops eventually, falls out (sheds-bulbs intact) and then another takes its place. This is called new growth and no matter what else you have done to your hair in the past, it grows in unprocessed and usually undamaged. Now you have a chance to start all over and take care of this new hair along with the old properly.

Healthy hair can be an outsider’s view of your internal health as well as how you seem to take care of yourself in general. Occasionally, due to the demands of our heretic lives, we may sometimes leave routine hair care up in the air. Here are a few hair care suggestions to attain manageable healthful hair.

A Well-balanced Diet
Hair, being an integral part of your person, is affected by the food that you eat. It is strongly recommended that an everyday diet needs to be balanced with adequate amounts of carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, protein and nutrients. There are ranges with appropriate/adequate daily amounts in regards to age, weight and gender. It is best to consult a nutritionist or your doctor first if you have any health concerns. Drinking water cleanses the body of devastating toxins which enable healthy new hair growth. It is said that doing a week long colon cleanse works in the same way. Again, it is advisable for you to consult your doctor before undertaking a radical program such as this.

Natural Hair Care
Gently brushing the hair regularly to stimulate the scalp helps keep it healthy and shiny. But also know that a gentle massage with the pads of the fingers working your way from the scalp to the end of the hair strand works just as well. Never brush wet hair using a plastic bristle brush; you’re just begging to lose hair. Tangles should be gently worked out using a fine tooth comb, if not; you may break your hair along the shaft and start it on its way to breaking and thinning.

Mechanical Hair Combing vs. Finger Combing
Both can lead to hair breakage if done improperly but which is truly best? You do need to mechanical comb your hair to get rid of everyday shed hair and any tangles. You can get by from time to time finger combing, especially if you have just taken down a roller set and haven’t slept on your curls or anything. Both ways are okay if you stay mindful of how you are pulling the comb or your fingers through your strands.

Hair Maintenance Products
There numerous types of inexpensive over the counter (or if your pockets are a bit heavier lined) high end salon label hair care products on the market now with new ones being added everyday. Whether or not you are a slave to one brand, remember to read those labels. Even a change on one ingredient in a shampoo that you’ve been using for years can wreak your locks. Also, read those instructions and mind any time limits provided carefully. You don’t want to go to rinse something out of your hair only to find most of your crowning glory in the drain.

Healthy hair is at most resilient and at best beautiful. It should be treated like the ‘spun silk’ it is. Hair treated right will not only mirror your good health but it can be the envy of others. And who wouldn’t want that?

The Best Anti Wrinkle Formulas

There are several ways to reduce the anti aging process in skin without having surgery. Some shoppers may choose to purchase healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables and herbal tea, while others purchase anti aging products and vitamins. The best anti wrinkle formula may be a combination of a healthy menu, vitamins and beauty products.

The best anti wrinkle products contain ingredients that gradually diminish the visible appearance of wrinkles with continued use of the product. Many products that are formulated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles also help to promote the elasticity of the skin by maintaining the skin’s natural collagen levels. Moreover, the best anti wrinkle skin care products helps to improve the skin’s muscle tone in addition to reducing fine lines.

Most of the anti aging products contain peptides, which increases the collagen production in the skin. In general, wrinkled skin is the result of lost collagen. Collagen is the building blocks of the skin and helps maintain the skin’s youthful appearance.

Antioxidants are usually found in a large percentage of anti wrinkle skin care formulas. Antioxidants increase the energy levels in the skin and help to fight free radicals in the skin that can cause the aging skin. Higher energy levels in the skin cells help to promote a more youthful appearance.

Some of the best anti wrinkle formulas for skin care contain ingredients that are natural and free of preservatives that can cause inflammation of the skin. Aging skin may be caused by a variety of factors, including the environment, lifestyle and stress. Anti-inflammatory ingredients repair the damage to skin cells caused by many factors and reduce the effects of irritants and toxins that may be found in some skin care products.

Additional Ingredients
Other ingredients that may be found in many anti wrinkle formulas are Retinoids, Hydroquinone, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Salicylic Acid, green tea and soy. All of these ingredients may work together or independently to reduce fine lines, repair the cellular structure, reduce the pore size, reduce the appearance of rough or blotchy skin and acts as a sunscreen.

In addition to many anti aging products, some vitamins also help to reduce the signs of aging. Vitamin C and Vitamin E both are natural antioxidants and helps protect the skin cells and retain the natural moisture to the skin. Vitamin C helps to reduce the damage to the skin caused by free radicals as well as increase the collagen in the skin. Vitamin E helps to increase the skin’s natural moisture level and works as an antioxidant.

Herbal Extracts
Some individuals may opt to purchase herbal extracts to reduce fine lines and improve the visible appearance of wrinkles in the skin. Grape seed extract helps to reduce redness in the skin and fights free radicals caused by environmental factors. Arnica Montana has antibacterial properties and helps prevent skin infections. Calendula helps prevent infections and inflammation in the skin. Green tea reduces inflammation and fights free radicals and sun exposure.

The Various Anti-Aging Methods

Aging is an inevitable outcome of life. In time, everyone will grow old. However, that doesn’t mean that people can’t take steps to slow down the process. There are a number of ways to keep the body fit and healthy for years to come. There are also different methods to reduce the signs of aging. These anti-aging methods are simple to follow.

Exercise is the key to a strong and healthy body. When using this anti-aging method, people can add years to their life. Exercise boosts the metabolism, which helps people control weight gain. Always incorporate strength training into workouts because it helps prevent the body from developing arthritis. Not only does exercise slow down the aging process, it also relieves some of the problems that are associated with getting older. For instance, exercise has been known to lessen back and joint pain.

Eating a healthy diet is the second anti-aging method. Fresh fruits and vegetables can rid the body of toxic compounds. Make smart choices with eating habits because food affects skin care. When maintaining a healthy diet, also make sure to drink plenty of water. Drinking water will flush harmful toxins from the body. Not only that, but it also hydrates the skin and unclogs pores.

Stress can make someone age faster. For this reason, reducing stress is a good anti-aging approach. When people spend a lot of time worrying, they often develop lines and wrinkles on their face. Stress has even been known to affect the body’s immune system. People should find an activity that reduces their stress levels. For example, yoga and meditation are often seen as activities that can calm the body and mind.

Practicing good skin care is another anti-aging method to follow. It is essential for people to moisturize their skin on a daily basis. Moisturizers can prevent lines and wrinkles. Make sure to avoid oil-based products because they can clog pores. Always use sunscreen when going outside. Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV rays. It’s even important to wear sunscreen on rainy or cloudy days. The UV rays from the sun can damage the skin, which causes wrinkles to form.

Make sure to get plenty of sleep each week. There have been a number of studies that have shown that sleep is crucial to the aging process. In order to slow aging down, people should get eight hours of sleep each night. This anti-aging method helps ensure that a person’s body is well rested. When they get a full night of sleep, people will have more energy the following day.

A final anti-aging method is to stop smoking. When people smoke, it can take years from their life. Smoking causes the skin to become wrinkled and blotchy. In addition to that, it also turns the teeth yellow. Smoking weakens the lungs, which doesn’t help with the aging process. It depletes the body of stored vitamins. For instance, it often lessens the amount of vitamin C. Vitamins have been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Perfect Eyebrows: How to Get the “Five Minute Face Lift” at Home Today

DIY Part One: Beautiful Brows

Threading, waxing, plucking, trimming, shaping. Exfoliating, moisturising, tanning. Buffing, shining, polishing.

The things we could buy if we saved up our ‘salon money’… According to a survey by the Daily Mail, women spend an average of ¬£653.54 a year on their beauty regime regardless of the state of the economy. It really needn’t be so costly. Which is why I’ve started a “DIY” series to show that most things we pay for at the salons, can be done at home for a fraction of the price. I’ve only been to a beauty salon once, and that was to get my eyebrows shaped. Honestly though, I have never enjoyed my brows as much as when they’ve been shaped by yours truly. Which is why it makes sense to start part one of my “DIY” series with DIY eyebrow shaping. Eyebrow shaping makes a huge difference to your face – you’d be surprised. Here’s how to get the”five minute face lift” at home, for free:


Slanted tweezers

Curved cuticle scissors

Eyebrow brush


Try and pluck your brows after a bath or shower. The pores of your skin will be open, making it easier for you to pluck the hairs out. Alternatively, put a warm flannel over your face before starting.

Using an eyeliner, mark out where you want to pluck. The most accurate way of doing this is by making three marks on your face to define where you want your brows to start, arch, and end. Look at this picture of Marilyn Monroe (below). Line A= Where your brows should start. Line B= Where the arch should be. Line C= Where they should end.

To mark this out accurately, find an object with a straight edge – A ruler, an eyebrow brush, your mascara – pretty much anything that is straight will do the trick. Put it against the side of your nose and follow it straight up past the inner corner of your eye. Where the line leads to, at the top near your brow, make a mark with your eyeliner.

Keep the straight edge at the corner of your nose (you will see a pattern emerging here) and slant it so that it goes across the pupil of your eye. Make another mark here. This is where your arch should be.

Finally, keep the edge of your straight line next to your nose (told you) and slant it so that it goes across the outer corner of your eye. Make a mark to show where your brow will end. Repeat on the other brow.


Connect the dots and you have your eyebrow template. Pluck everything in between LINE A of each brow (No one wants a mono-brow).

Tradition tells us that we should not pluck above the brow. The rules are made to be broken. If you have rogue hairs above your brows, pluck them into shape using your template.

Do the same to the bottom. Obviously vary how far you pluck into your eyebrow, depending on how thick or thin you want it to be. The template is there as a guide.

Tip: Pull your skin really taught to make it less painful. If it’s unbearable, use ice cubes. Your skin should get used to it the more you pluck.


Take your eyebrow brush and brush your brows up. Trim down any hairs that stray over your template.

Brush your brow hairs downwards and again, anything that strays over the template, trim it down to size.

Now your brows should be neat and not get easily ruffled.

Don’t get overzealous with the tweezers because the end result will not be pretty. If you make a mistake, you can fill in the line with an eyebrow pencil, BUT drawing the majority of your eyebrows on will leave you looking permanently surprised so be careful.

Bye bye bushy brows!

Infrashine Hair Flat Irons Review

After years of heat styling causing damage and dryness to the hair, ceramic technology brought the benefits of longer lasting results as well as less damage to the hair. Styling tools now delivered better and faster results while actually making the hair look more healthy. Ceramic technology was truly groundbreaking to the professional hair styling community, and nothing has made quite the impact since.

Such as innovative discovery required a company that was dedicated to bringing novel ideas to hair care that addressed consumer needs and also addressed hair health. Such an innovative discovery required a company with the experience behind it to know what hair needs. Ceramic technology was brought about by Infrashine, a leading styling tool brand that serves the professional stylist market.

Infrashine flat irons use ceramic technology to deliver the most concentrated and effective heat to the hair. Negative ions are created to help distribute heat evenly over every hair’s surface, so hair can be completely straightened and smoothed out with a single pass. No need to go over the hair several times, causing more damage as you tug at the hair and overheat it. Silky smooth results are delivered faster and with great ease. Infrashine flat irons heat up quickly and stay hot. They’re cushioned paddles come in 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 2 inch sizes to serve any hair length, texture or style. The perfect balance of heat enable the user to not only make the hair pin straight, but also to put waves and flips in the hair with a quick flip of the wrist.

One extra special Infrashine straightener is the Redline Flat Iron. This iron heats up in just seconds and has all the great Infrashine features in one handy tool. It features a special thermostat that can be set to precise temperatures to suit specific hair types and thicknesses. This being the ideal tool for a professional hair stylist who uses a flat irons on several clients a day.

All Infrashine hair irons are made with sealed components, can be used on damp hair as well as dry hair and are ideal tools for a professional hair stylist who uses a flat irons on several clients a day. They are also used in many salons to accelerate and improve chemical processed such as straightening treatments.

When Infrashine made its debut, they set out to set a new standard in the industry and to gain a reputation for creating professional products that could be tested for quality and performance. While the performance speaks for itself, Infrashine stands by its commitment to quality with a one year guarantee and a unique repair program. Any product can be exchanged within one year for defective or broken products. If the product is over one year old, consumers can send it in to be repaired for $30 plus shipping.

Infrashine’s focus on innovation and quality has earned it great recognition in several beauty publications and blogs. They continue to consistently bring new ideas to market in the areas of flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers alike.

Aloe Vera Info

Aloe Vera isn’t a cactus plant as many people believe, but rather a member in the Lilly family. The official name Aloe barbadensis is named by the botanist Dr Miller who characterised the plant in Barbados, the plant is native to Northern Africa.

Components are obtained inside the leaf, the sap including a mucilaginous gel derived inside inner cells in the leaf. The inner Aloe gel is made up of polysaccharides along with a vast array of bioactive chemical substances, which play a major role with the healing process.

Youthful Skin

The inner gel of Aloe is regarded as being really good for Skin Care. Because it is often a natural balancer it is good for all Skin kinds whether you’ve Oily Skin, Dry Skin or a mixture of both.

Inside Aloe Vera leaves there’s a Gel-like substance. This gel has vast number of Vitamins (including Vitamin E -which is incredibly nourishing for skin), Minerals, Amino Acids & Enzymes. Aloe is weirdly a close match to our Skin’s pH balance. Therefore, it’s able to moisturise and heal Skin fast.

Aloe Vera enhances the activity of Fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are specific cells discovered inside the Skin that produce Fiber such as Collagen & Elastin. These Fibers give Skin it is structure and make it seem fleshy and supple. The more we have of it, the much more YOUTHFUL we Look.

It emerges that it can in fact help the pores in the skin to open and receive the moisture and nutrients of Aloe Vera.

Skin is really a Vital Organ of entire body to take care of. The most common thing we experience is getting dehydrated (dry) skin.


Exposure to Sun along with other external elements trigger many Skin problems. Too much sun exposure can trigger free radicals to appear in skin, via ultra violet rays. These free radicals have an effect on Skin which creates Wrinkles. One of the most sure methods to fight these free radicals is taking Anti-Oxidants.

It also includes a lofty source of Anti-Oxidants which fight against these radicals, rejuvenating the Skin.

In order to achieve right skin restoration Aloe needs to be used every day or multiple times a day. The area of one’s entire body that may be dry, will respond based on how often Aloe has been applied to it.

If it is the face, then Aloe Vera can be applied at least a couple of times a day, morning & night and skin conditions need to recover within several weeks.

If the problems are somewhere else in the body, applying Aloe after taking shower is probably the most effective as skin is clean
Aloe Gel for Stretch Marks?

Your skin is one of one’s body’s major organs, and applying aloe vera gels can make your skin a lot more healthy and vibrant. Most women, particularly pregnant women, consider stretch marks being a major problem. Though stretch marks can disappear after some time, but there are those who want to speed up the process. Who wouldn’t?

Start with a simple and all natural treatment before going to more invasive and expensive way of removing stretch marks.. That’s when aloe vera gels come to the picture. As the clich√© goes, prevention is better than the cure, so at the very first sight of stretch marks in your skin, begin applying aloe vera gel right away before they turn into far more prominent.