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Learn How To Apply Makeup Flawlessly

Apply the correct color of foundation for your skin with a foundation brush to ensure there are no streaks. Remember your foundation is simply the base for your makeup, so you do not need to apply either pink or yellow tones to give your skin color.

If you have acne scars or blemishes you would like to cover, using a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your skin would work the best. Green cover sticks will help you to eliminate any redness in the skin, just be sure to blend really well.

Powders are used to set our “liquids” and prime for color. If the “dewy” look does not appeal to you, translucent powders are best to use. Powder should be concentrated on the eyelids and lips to help eye shadows and lipsticks stay on longer.

Fill in eyebrows with brown or black eye shadow to prevent gaps from showing through. Using a highlighter brush, apply your light base color eye shadow all over your eyelid. With your applicator brush, apply the deeper color you have chose to wear to the fold of your eye, being sure to follow the natural contour of your eyes.

Apply eyeliner above your lash line and blend to give a soft focus to the shape of your eyes. Brown or black eyeliners are great, but using a color to compliment your eye shadow is a great idea as well. Once your eyeliner is the way you want it, you can apply your mascara. Using a back and forth zig-zag motion to ensure you cover each lash and make them appear longer.

Now you can bring a very nice glow to your cheeks by using blush. Cream blushes tend to streak and look harsh on the skin, unless you are quite skilled at applying it. Whether you choose cream, glowing blush or a matte finish blush, you will want to apply blush with a very light hand just under your cheekbones and blend well.

Using a neutral colored lip lining pencil, line your lips and blend with a q-tip. Then fill in your lips with a soft light color for day, using a lip brush. Finish with your favorite lip gloss.

How to apply makeup to go from day to night very quickly-

Apply darker eyeshadow over your day wear eye shadow. Create a smokey look by making your outer corners darker and blend.

Apply liquid eyeliner to your lash line, creating a bolder, more dramatic look. Follow up with a coat of mascara.

Darker lipstick with your favorite lip gloss over it.

That is absolutely all there is to it! That is how to apply makeup in a step by step fashion. Simple right. I hope this article has helped you.

More Than Enough Options for Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch mark removal is a widely sought goal among many who have experienced labor, excessive weight gain, or other physiological changes that have resulted in stretch marks. These marks are caused by the damage of skin tissue when it is confronted with severe changes. Puberty and weight lifting have been known to cause stretch marks, as well as the more common causes, like pregnancy and obesity. The severity of the scarring of the skin varies among individuals who wear them. Fortunately, there are plenty of options from which to choose. The options available not only offer different techniques of removal methods, they have costs that are variable enough to suit a large budget range from low to high.

The most inexpensive methods of healing the skin include lotion and creams. These, however, are also the least effective of all the options available. As with any product, some creams are much more effective than others. Although some will significantly reduce the effect nature has left on your body, the scars will remain present and visible. Most lotions and creams that are designed to remove stretch marks are generally more beneficial if they are applied while the skin is experiencing changes. This provides an opportunity for the skin to remain protected with the natural, vitalizing moisturizers being massaged in regular.

The most tried and true method of is surgery. By use of procedures like tummy tucks and skin graphs, doctors are able to erase the history of the damaged skin. Prices for surgical removal of stretch marks vary by geographical location, as well as other factors that may be specific to the patient seeking the service. Many surgeries are performed every year with minimal complications and virtually no side effects.

There are other services that do not require surgery that can also be performed in a hospital setting. While they are less expensive than surgery, they do require quite a bit more visits to the doctor to complete. Additionally, these methods are more abrasive, and require healing time between each visit. Some of the procedures of this nature include microdermabrasion and chemical peeling.

A bit more costly than the non-surgical methods of removing stretch marks are procedures that use a laser to eradicate the scarring. A laser is used to burn away the old, scarred skin. During the process of healing, new plush skin is born. Much like the other alternatives to surgery, such as chemical peeling, a patient generally needs to be seen more than once to complete the process. Laser treatment has proven to be mostly a safe procedure that is accompanied by minor or no side effects.

While costs vary on every procedure, there are normal prices ranges under which each of the procedures outlined will fall under. Multiple providers should be investigated before settling on a doctor to perform any procedure. Make sure your selected physician does not have a history of reported mal practice, and take the time to shop around to be sure you are getting the best deal for your stretch mark removal.

Top Men Hairstyles For 2011

Men are always conscious of how they look these days and they take into consideration the clothes they wear, their body figure and most of all, their hairstyle. The style of one’s hairdo can affect the overall look of a person and if the hairstyle do not fit the individual, one may not look good. For men who are conscious with their hair and who wants to know the Top Men Hairstyles for 2011, read on.

One of the all-time favorite styles is the classic look. It is elegant and it can be worn on any occasion. The hair has to be medium in length or long length and the style will be achieved by putting some hair products such as gel to create a wet look. The sides are swept to the back neatly as well as the long hair in front. A good example of a man that always wears the classic look is Tom Cruise or Brad Pit looking classy wearing some formal suite.

For men who wants short hair always and who doesn’t want mess or any hair maintenance, the buzz cut is the perfect choice. It is sometimes called crew cut and it is achieved by tapering the front, back and sides of the head to create a clean look. It gives the face a rounder look and so this cut is not perfect for those face shape that are too round. A lot of Hollywood actors sport this cut and Wentworth Miller is a good example of having the Buzz cut.

For young men, the common and trendy hairstyle is the spiky hair. To achieve this look the hair must be in medium length and hair products has to be used such as wax and gel to make the spiky look. There are many types of spiky look and each style caters to both formal and non-formal occasion.

Another trendy style for 2011 is the layered cut. This is very common for Asians as they have glossy hair and straight hair. This look will be more enhanced when hair products will be used to enhance its luster. The layered cut can also be combined with the spiky hair to create a rugged look among men.

Last of all, the messy hair never goes out of style. Due to the increase in number of many hair products for men, the messy hairstyle is easy to achieve. Gel and wax will create messy hair it can be worn both in formal and non-formal events. There are different ways to style messy hair according to face shape and type of occasion it will be worn.

Nail Polish Lovers Take Good Care Of Your Nails!

Who among us doesn’t feel better when we have a great set of nails to show off? Going to the salon and getting the nail work is the essential step to caring for your gorgeous nails. Let’s be honest, a beautiful set of, long, natural healthy nails say a lot about your personal style and confidence.After all from all parts of your body, nails are probably the most noticeable part of your body mirroring the kind of person you are, which most likely means you are someone who takes good care of yourself.

However, people think that they have no time to visit nail care salon to make their nails beautiful. In fact, they can find several ways to visit the salon for a comprehensive nail care. The beauty industry is based on making you feel good about you by helping you look at your best. Visiting nail care salon is all about beautifying your hands and feet. If you want long, lovely nails and can’t wait for your own to grow, why not visit the salon for a set of acrylic nails? These extensions look authentic, and can be painted and treated like normal ones – they are simply glued onto your actual nail and they last until your nail begins to grow.
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When you feel confident, you are at your best

Attractive and pretty nails on a woman are very noticeable, as we tend to use our hands when expressing something or touching our hair or face. The opposite is so true, if your nails are dry, brittle or chipped it can be a real turn off and shows our bad grooming habits. Nail care is essential as it reflects how much we pay attention to our hygiene and ourselves.

Nail care salons range from large and upscale full-service salons where appointments are encouraged, to busy walk-in salons with rows of nail experts. They include specialty salons that focus on particular types of nail services. Some nail salons stick with the basic services, such as manicures, pedicures, polish changes, acrylics, wraps, and basic nail art. While, other will have one or two nail techs or manicurists while some may have several.

However, keep in mind that nail salons tend to do best in well populated places such as cities and suburbs, as these businesses rely on a steady supply of regular clients to be profitable, so it’s usually a good idea to visit nail care salon in these types of areas.

There are certain things you should look for before visiting a nail care salon. You are the best judge of which establishments to frequent and the ones which you should never cross.

Your nails can lead to others’ perception of you, and because our hands are such an integral part of our daily lives, people consistently notice them.

Are You Ready For Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a great way of adding length and thickness to your hair. However, depending on which method and hair type you opt for, extensions can cost a lot of money and take a good few hours to attach. The aftercare and maintenance of your new hairstyle can also take up a good proportion of your time. Therefore, you need to understand the basic details of what is involved in getting hair extensions before going through with having them fitted.

Firstly, why do you want hair extensions? Are you bored with waiting for your hair to grow naturally or have you had a really bad hair cut and want to disguise it while it grows back? Perhaps you want longer or thicker hair for a special occasion such as a wedding or a birthday? The reason behind why you want hair extensions can affect the sort of extensions that are best suited to your needs.

If you are looking to dramatically increase the length of your hair, you need to be aware that long hair takes time. Most people with naturally long hair will tell you that extra time is needed for shampooing, conditioning, brushing and styling. If you are someone that doesn’t like spending a lot of time on their hair then you might want to reconsider having extensions. If you go ahead with extensions and fail to look after them you run the risk of damaging your own hair and looking tangled and matted.

Before having hair extensions you need to seriously think how far your budget can stretch. Good quality extensions do not come cheap and you should be prepared to pay a bit extra to get the most natural looking extensions possible. If you scrimp on the quality of the hair then it could tangle and become dry after just a few washes. Attaching extensions can also take a long time, you could be sat in the chair for anything from 1 hour to 4!

As well as the initial cost, the cost of maintenance and aftercare of your new hair style needs to be considered. Most hair extension methods require you to purchase and use special shampoos and conditioners to enhance the longevity of your extensions. You also need to attend regular maintenance appointments to make sure that the bonds are still in place.

You also need to consider the current condition of your natural hair before going ahead with hair extensions. If your hair is damaged, breaking or thinning then you might want to avoid extensions as they could make the problem worse. Your stylist should assess your suitability during the consultation stage.

Being aware of all the issues that are associated with hair extensions is a great way to ensure that you are fully prepared to have them fitted. Once you’ve had your extensions fitted you will wonder how you ever survived without them! You can style them however you like and don’t have to wait forever for your hair to grow!

Giesee Sun Tanning Products

A beautiful golden-bronze tan is something that entices many women. If you too dream of a sun-kissed skin, this is the right place. You can find the best Giesee sun product online. This product is safe for sensitive skin types and gives a natural-looking tan throughout the year. There is no need to expose you in the hot Sun to get a beautiful tan. You can instantly get sun-kissed look from the comfort of your home, throughout the year. Whether it is snowfall or autumn, you can get the bronzed look with sun self-tanning lotion. This product promises quality and performance. The long stay formula ensures that your tan stays for days together. If that is not enough, you will be glad to experience the quick absorb formula. There is no need to massage the product into the skin. It gets instantly absorbed. In fact, there are many more features of this sunless tanning product. Read on to discover a whole new world of self-tanning.

Features of Giesee Sun Products

Fast absorb formula: The quick absorb formula does not require too much of massaging or rubbing into the skin. The product is absorbed quickly within seconds. This means you can use the product on the go and get the desired tan quickly.

No uneven streaks: The quick absorb formula ensures that this tanning product is absorbed quickly and does not leave any uneven streaks. It can be embarrassing if the product leaves an uneven skin tone. Your fake tan will show.

No stain formula: Giesee sun product does not have dye. It does not leave stains on your clothes. The product is absorbed quickly and is designed with a no-stain formula.

Natural botanical ingredients: The botanical extracts of sun labs tanning product are safe for your skin. It does not damage the moisture balance of your skin. In fact, these products have moisturizers that nourish and replenish your skin. They will not dry out the skin or make it flaky. The natural ingredients maintain the moisture level and do not cause dryness. Moreover, there are products for different skin types.

Skin types: Giesee sun product is available especially for face and body. There is a range of product exclusively for the delicate facial skin. Not just that, if you have a problematic dry skin, you could use exfoliation gel to scrub off the dead skin before using the tanning products.

Types of product: There is a wide range of self-tanning products and you will be amazed by the different colors of tan. If you desire an ultra-dark tan, there is a range of product for that as well. You could choose an ultra-dark, medium, light, and subtle tan.

There are tanning accelerators too that can give you lasting effects. Moreover, they give you a natural-looking tan that does not look artificial. The best part about Giesee sun product is its ability to penetrate deep, stay longer, and give an even finish. The satin finish of this tanning product is amazing and we are sure you will love it.

Using Cheap Makeup to Look Gorgeous

Who said women on a budget cannot look gorgeous? Cheap makeup products can help you save money over the expensive branded makeup. If you are a follower of fashion and work to a budget then it can be tough as on the one hand you have to maintain the fashion trends that you follow whilst on the other hand you have to try and combat the high prices of cosmetics. Trying to keep up with the branded cosmetics is not easy and leaves you with the only other choice – explore the cheap makeup brands.

Using the cheap makeup brands can often save the day if you are in a situation where you have very little choice. However, this does not mean you should go online and buy makeup from foreign sites that is dirt cheap, it means look at the inexpensive, genuine cheap makeup brands that are available. These ideas can help you choose cheap makeup and look good, so good that nobody will realise it is inexpensive.

Pharmacy versus Department Store

Shopping for makeup in a chemist or pharmacy usually means the prices will be discounted between 20 and 50%. Many of us go into a pharmacy and ignore the cosmetics altogether as we tend to think we should only use branded goods. However, this is a misconception as cheap cosmetics that are available are very comparable with the expensive brands. Occasionally you may even find your favourite brand at a discounted price.

Expensive brand versus cheap brand

The reason we tend to choose the expensive brands is because we want to keep up with everyone else who is buying the product. Even though we may not be entirely convinced the product is of better quality or gives the best results, we buy it as we give in to the peer pressure around us to buy the products. However, sitting back for a minute and thinking about it logically, you will realise that the market is actually full of brands that are less known but just as effective as your favourite expensive brands. The lesser known brands are not endorsed by famous celebrities but this does not mean the quality is bad.

Cheap makeup products online

When it comes to finding cheap deals on items ranging from clothes, fashion, electronics and makeup, then the internet is the place. You can browse any makeup brand in the word and the results returned will be huge enabling you to take your pick.

Professional Spray Tanning

Do you want to look great for a wedding, a New Year’s Eve Party, graduation, or just that special night out? You may not be stepping on the red carpet today, but why not have the same beautiful tan that your favorite celebrity has? With professional spray tanning, you can.

Instead of worrying about the potentially damaging effects of the sun, you get an all natural sunless tan that lasts from 7 to 14 days. And you can have a tan as light or as dark as you want.

You can get a fantastic spray tan both at your favorite tanning salon and at home. Many salons now offer mobile spray tanning as an option.

So how do you maximize your tanning experience?

Prepare to Tan

If you’ve never spray tanned before, you’ll probably want to try it once or twice before your special event. You’ll find the optimal level for your skin color and with the help of your salon professional, decide how you look your best.

Once you know the date of your special event, book your spray tanning appointment one or two days in advance. And you’ll want to shave or wax at least one day before your spray tan. Waxing will leave your pores open for several hours and may leave remnants of wax on your skin that could lead to an uneven looking tan.

Exfoliate your entire body the day before your spray tan. This removes any dead skin cells and helps extend your tan. Use a loofah or an exfoliating glove or mitt and concentrate on the driest areas of your body, such as knees, elbows, feet and ankles. Don’t use an oil-based exfoliate, as these products may leave a residue that blocks the tan application.

The Day of Your Spray Tanning Appointment

Shower shortly before your appointment and don’t apply any type of moisturizer to your body or face after showering. You’ll also want to avoid any type of beauty product, including deodorant, body spray, perfume or makeup. Anything on your skin may block the tanning solution and prevent optimal absorption.

Wear loose fitting, dark clothing to your tanning session, just in case some of the tanning solution comes off onto your clothes on the way home. Don’t worry, most tanning solution will come out in the wash.

And for women, you may want to go braless on the way home from your session. Wearing snug fitting clothing right after tanning can leave unwanted tan marks.

So what can you expect during the spray tanning process?

During Your Spray Tan

You may not want to wear anything at all during your session. Don’t be shy, as the less you wear, the better your results. If you prefer to cover up a little, bring an old swimsuit or underwear.

Before beginning, your salon technician will consult with you briefly about your expected results and choose the right solution for your skin type. Application will take about 10 minutes and the solution will begin to dry immediately.

You’ll find that your hands and feet appear lighter than the rest of your body, since those areas will develop more (become much darker) than other parts of your body.

How to Maintain a Long-lasting, Great-looking Tan

Wash only the palms of your hands prior to your first shower. Your salon technician will let you know how long to wait, based on the specific tanning product you’re using. Usually, you’ll want to wait at least 5 to 8 hours after your tanning session before taking that shower.

Keep the water temperature warm to cool, gently wash your body (without scrubbing), and pat yourself dry with a towel. It’s normal to see some color run off during the shower, but that’s mostly the bronzer used to calibrate the color of your tan.

Don’t exercise until after that first post-tan shower. Avoid any activity that causes excessive sweating until the tan has a chance to develop.

Moisturizing your skin is the key to extending your spray tan. Ask your salon technician about skin hydrating products that can keep your tan from fading. You may also want to try a moisturizing enhancer, designed to prolong the life of your tan.

Any type of exfoliating product will cause the tan to fade more quickly. So you’ll want to avoid shaving tanned areas for at least 48 hours following the tan application. And taking baths and soaking in hot tubs, saltwater and chlorinated pools will also shorten your tan.

Try these tips during your next spray tan and get ready to walk that red carpet. Your gorgeous, sun-kissed look will make you the envy of all your friends. And you’ll look and feel beautiful on your special day.

How to Treat Keloid Scars

Keloids are a type of scar that continue to grow after a wound has healed. Where normal scars shrink and fade, keloids extend past the original wound. They are fibrous and tough, with irregular edges and a shiny surface. Colors range from a normal skin tone to red, bluish, or purple. Although they are benign and not contagious, keloids can be painful, itchy and can restrict movement when located on a joint.

Typically, they appear after a surgery or injury, but keloid scars can grow from acne, burns, scratches, tattoos and piercings. They can be quite disfiguring and are generally seen on the shoulders, chest, back, ears and jaw. Abscesses can also form within the scar, leading to infection.

While it can develop on persons of any skin tone, keloid scarring is 15 times more likely to affect persons with dark skin. It occurs equally in men and women, yet is uncommon among the elderly and children. Doctors are uncertain why some are affected and others are not. Treatment is difficult, and methods are varied, as are the results.

Cortisone injection treatment consists of monthly injections until the maximum benefit is reached. 70 percent of patients respond to cortisone, but recurrence is high, up to 50 percent within five years. Although the scar shrinks, it will always differ from the surrounding skin and has a tendency to be redder, as the injections stimulate the growth of capillaries.

Lasers can be used to treat scars, shrinking the size and reducing redness, but several sessions are required, and the cost is rarely covered by most insurance plans. Best results are achieved when used in conjunction with cortisone injections.

Because of the nature of keloid scars, surgery is perilous. Recurrence is almost guaranteed, and even larger scars may form. When used in combination with other aggressive treatments, such as radiation, injection and pressure bandages, an up to 100 percent recurrence rate can drop to below 50 percent.

Interferons are manufactured by the body to combat bacteria, viruses and so forth. Recent studies have shown that injections of agents that stimulate interferon production have an effect on the size of scars, but scientists are unsure of the long term permanency.

A simple way to treat scars is with commercial scar fade cream. It smooths and reduces keloids, and it can prevent them from forming, as it regulates the excessive collagen production that causes scarring. For best results, it is important to begin use as soon as possible following surgery or injury. Scar creams are easy to apply, economical and readily available online.

Prevention is key to those prone to keloid scars. They are impossible to predict, and since treatment is troublesome, body modification and elective surgeries should be avoided, especially to the more susceptible areas of the body.

Fat Burning Fitness

“Whatever fat burning fitness process I’m doing, it’s not working!”

A common script I usually hear from my friends and colleagues. A big “why?” is marked on their forehead every time I see them. Actually, the answer to their question is quite easy but very much difficult for them to absorb. They tend to hire gym trainers or even buying membership in a certain gym hoping to lose excess weight and increase their esteem. After the strenuous routine given to them, they crawl back to where they used to be and thinking of quitting. And the cycle begins once again. What really is the problem? YOU! You don’t have what it takes to be fit. If you really have what it takes, then read this article and prove it. Go and redeem yourself.

First, I will discuss certain facts for you to understand the burning process better. Our body has two sources of fuels, the carbohydrate and the fats. Carbohydrate is the first component being burned in our body since it is the most easy to break down and it does not take a lot of effort to burn it. What is the problem of carbohydrate as being the fast one to be broken down? Simple, once you will undergo highly intensive workout like running at the thread mill, the carbohydrate you have in your body depletes easily. This will make your body feel tired very fast and will start to feel burning pain on our legs. In the fat part, the body usually doesn’t like to burn fat, it’s slower and it takes a lot of energy to burn it. So, what is the implication on the fat part? If you will undergo a low intensity work out like walking on the treadmill, the body will burn fats as well. That’s the reason why intensity work out low is the preferred workout in the process of fat burning fitness.

I know you are confused on the fat burning part. This is the reason why I’m going to explain it furthermore. Our body should be trained to burn fat by being consistent to our work out and the work out should be done for a long period of time. For example, if you will run on a treadmill for twenty minutes, this will burn three hundred of your calories but it is compose of your carbohydrate calories. Meanwhile, if you will walk on a treadmill for about fifty minutes, you will be able to burn about three hundred calories but these calories are the fat ones. Continuing the low intensity work out, the body will start to get used to burning fat instead of burning all of your carbohydrates. Not only that, your body will be used to the longer work out, thus, increasing your endurance when you walk or jog and maintaining the fat burning process.

Now you understand the impact and benefits of low intensity workout. This will make you lose weight by burning the excess fat in you because your body was trained to burn fat. On the later part, you will be physically fit and you will never ever going to say those silly “It doesn’t work!” words again.

We must understand that every new thing we learn, we always start at the beginning just like learning the ABC’s before we learn to write. Just like our body, we should prepare our body to changes before jumping on to bigger activities to achieve that fat burning fitness.