Stretch mark removal is a widely sought goal among many who have experienced labor, excessive weight gain, or other physiological changes that have resulted in stretch marks. These marks are caused by the damage of skin tissue when it is confronted with severe changes. Puberty and weight lifting have been known to cause stretch marks, as well as the more common causes, like pregnancy and obesity. The severity of the scarring of the skin varies among individuals who wear them. Fortunately, there are plenty of options from which to choose. The options available not only offer different techniques of removal methods, they have costs that are variable enough to suit a large budget range from low to high.

The most inexpensive methods of healing the skin include lotion and creams. These, however, are also the least effective of all the options available. As with any product, some creams are much more effective than others. Although some will significantly reduce the effect nature has left on your body, the scars will remain present and visible. Most lotions and creams that are designed to remove stretch marks are generally more beneficial if they are applied while the skin is experiencing changes. This provides an opportunity for the skin to remain protected with the natural, vitalizing moisturizers being massaged in regular.

The most tried and true method of is surgery. By use of procedures like tummy tucks and skin graphs, doctors are able to erase the history of the damaged skin. Prices for surgical removal of stretch marks vary by geographical location, as well as other factors that may be specific to the patient seeking the service. Many surgeries are performed every year with minimal complications and virtually no side effects.

There are other services that do not require surgery that can also be performed in a hospital setting. While they are less expensive than surgery, they do require quite a bit more visits to the doctor to complete. Additionally, these methods are more abrasive, and require healing time between each visit. Some of the procedures of this nature include microdermabrasion and chemical peeling.

A bit more costly than the non-surgical methods of removing stretch marks are procedures that use a laser to eradicate the scarring. A laser is used to burn away the old, scarred skin. During the process of healing, new plush skin is born. Much like the other alternatives to surgery, such as chemical peeling, a patient generally needs to be seen more than once to complete the process. Laser treatment has proven to be mostly a safe procedure that is accompanied by minor or no side effects.

While costs vary on every procedure, there are normal prices ranges under which each of the procedures outlined will fall under. Multiple providers should be investigated before settling on a doctor to perform any procedure. Make sure your selected physician does not have a history of reported mal practice, and take the time to shop around to be sure you are getting the best deal for your stretch mark removal.