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Various Treatments Used For Facial Hair Removal

When it comes to facial hair removal, there are several options available to choose from. The two basic options will fall between treatments you can do at home and those that are done at a clinic.

  • Home Treatments
  • The most common method for removing hair from the face is using depilatory cream. This is a chemical created in an easy to spread cream form that dissolves the surface hair on the skin. The basic cream is sold in a milder solution for use on the face than the one created for use on other regions of the body. Facial skin is thinner and therefore more sensitive than the skin under the arms or legs.

    Another home treatment method that is growing in popularity is waxing. Again, like the systems used for removing leg hair, this method is created to be similar, but may have the wax combined with emollients to help soothe irritated facial skin areas. There are two versions of this method, the one that requires the wax to be melted and the one that does not.

    The method that does not require any melting comes with the wax attached to a thin strip of paper. The small amount of wax on the paper strip will melt and here to the hairs when you rapidly rub your finger across the outer surface.

  • Clinical Methods
  • The method of using wax to get rid of unwanted facial hair can also be done at clinics and day spas by certified technicians. This procedure is a low risk method, which is also not permanent. People looking for more permanent ways of removing this hair will often use electrolysis or laser techniques.

    Electrolysis has been a standard practice for many decades and is available today at many day spas and beauty salons. These people also need to be certified to perform the procedure, which has more risk involved. In this treatment, a small device with a tiny needle is used to carry an electrical current to the root of the hair to kill it. Once the root is destroyed, the hair cannot grow back.

    The laser method is classified as a high-risk method because the laser actually burns off the hair and in the process can also burn facial skin cells. This treatment is available through a medical facility or at some spas with qualified technicians. Even though it comes with a degree of risk this is a highly successful way to remove facial hair forever.

    Exfoliating Soap

    It is a common observation that most women possess dry and scaly skin especially during the cold winter months when it’s really cold out there and either too dry or too humid. This is not only what has been observed but it is a fact, and we should do something about it. There have been many ways of bringing the skin back to normal since dry skin is not good to look at. Some women discovered the use of exfoliating soap and stuck to it since then.

    Exfoliating soaps contain ingredients that are natural exfoliating agents, which means that these are able to remove dead skin cells from the body, which is the main the reason for drying its surface. These are made with unique formulation that functions as a cleanser, skin whitener, abrasive and moisturizer. Some women use them as medicinal soaps as well every day, because they are being used to treat their acne and as mild soaps for sensitive skin. After using such a soap for a time, it leaves the skin smooth, glowing, fine-textured and even-toned.

    Exfoliating soaps work to replenish the moisture content of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth the whole day. This happens because the dead skin cells do not irritate skin; in fact, they have been known to aid those with allergy and sensitive facial skin and help to remove zits on the face. Using them everyday don’t cause them harm since they are gentle to use and the unique formula and abrasive action cleanses and renews the skin with the removal of the dead skin cells. You will be surprised at how your skin has become with prolonged use; beautiful, smooth, glowing, fresh-looking and renewed.

    Some exfoliating soaps contain loofah fibers, a natural exfoliating agent. Loofah unclogs pores and reduces the chances of the skin from acquiring unwanted pimples. This is used to treat the skin and remove the old cells and other impurities. Other brands incorporate safe organic ingredients known to protect and soothe the skin such as aloe vera, kiwi, oatmeal, and honey. With the use of these ingredients in the soap, the skin is able to breathe freely and naturally leaving it softer and healthier-looking.

    During the winter months, we should stop worrying about our skin going dry. The problem is now solved with the use of exfoliating soaps that will make our skin soft and glowing, giving us the complexion that we desire.

    Make Yourself Up Celebrity-Style

    Have you ever wondered why celebrities look so darned amazing when they walk down the red carpet? Well, not only are they usually wearing a high couture frock, they have also had their hair styled and their make-up applied by professionals. So what about us mere mortals? Is there any hope for us in our bid to look our best? YES! Looking good is all about knowing how to make the most of what you have, which includes dressing to suit your shape, having a great haircut and applying your make up like a professional. And, whilst we can’t dress you or cut your hair, we can teach you the basics of applying your make up to ensure you shine like a star.

    • Master the Basics

    The best thing you can do for your face is to take care of your skin by drinking lots of water, and cleansing and moisturising twice a day. We would also recommend you exfoliate every other day and apply a deep cleansing face mask once a week to remove the impurities that can play havoc with your complexion. In short, treat your skin well and it will repay you with a healthy glow.

    To ensure you have a flawless base you need to apply foundation by dabbing it onto your chin, cheeks and forehead and rubbing it in all over. Use long, upward strokes and don’t be afraid to blend the foundation under your chin. Make sure the foundation you choose is as close as possible to your natural skin tone and use a concealer to hide spots other blemishes.

    Finish off with a light dusting of powder and you will have a stunning, dewy base from which to start applying the rest of your make up.

    • The Eyes Have It!

    Your eyes are the windows to your soul and it pays to make the most of them with well-applied make up.

    To make your eyes appear larger, pop a thin layer of liquid eyeliner onto the outer edges of your eyelids. After this, sweep a light eye shadow across the whole lid to lift your eyes. Then apply two coats of mascara to the top and undersides of your eyelashes to really enhance your eyes.

    For dramatic eyes start again with liquid eyeliner but use a longer, thicker stroke this time. Once this has dried, use light, medium and dark eye shadows in graduated stokes across your lids. Apply the dark shade on top of your eyeliner, the medium shade on the crease and complete the look by taking the lighter eye shadow up to the brow bone. Open the eyes by applying a spot of the lighter eye shadow in the corner of each eye and finish with two thick coats of mascara. To really add to the glamour, apply false eyelashes or use eyelash curlers.

    To frame your face, you may need to draw onto your eyebrows with a pencil. Use brown or black (depending on your hair colour) and gently sweep over the brow to further enhance your eyes.

    • Don’t save your blushes!

    Blusher needs to be applied carefully in order that you avoid looking like a character from the local pantomime. Always choose a soft, natural colour than blends well with your skin tone ‘ we find that pinks suit blondes and redheads, and browns work better with darker skin and hair tones.

    Remove any excess blusher from your brush by tapping the end before you apply. Find the apple of your cheekbone and use long, sweeping strokes to take the blusher up towards your hairline. Dap a small amount onto your forehead, nose, brows and chin and STOP! Blusher is one of those products where less is more so use with caution.

    • Don’t forget your smackers

    In days gone by a woman wouldn’t feel fully ‘made up’ unless she had her lippy and gloss on, which she would surreptitiously reapply throughout the day. Thankfully the world has moved on and it is now perfectly acceptable (and indeed preferable) to use a nude lipstick or simple gloss when out and about in the daytime.

    For those of you wanting to glam-up for an evening pop a bit of foundation onto your lips and allow it to dry to ensure your lippy lasts the night. Next, use a pencil to draw around your lips before applying your lipstick as usual. Blot on a tissue and reapply. For extra kissable lips, add a slick of gloss and you are good to go!

    Can Stretch Marks Go Away?

    Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

    Stretch marks are the bane of almost every girl’s existence. They commonly appear on the breasts, legs, hips, and bottom between the ages of eleven and twenty in most women. Stretch marks are tears in the under layers of skin where the skins natural elasticity was broken by fast growth. Many women feel very insecure about their scars and will try just about anything short of surgery to get rid of them. Of course, companies take advantage of these insecurities and use them to promote over-the-top expensive creams that may or may not live up to their claims.

    How to Treat Stretch Marks

    For those who are on a reasonable budget or simply don’t believe in stretch mark cream companies’ claims, you may wonder if there are some inexpensive and natural treatments that can help minimize their appearance. Many doctors say that there isn’t, and to an extent, this is true. No one specific tonic or potion can make them go away. However, there is definitely a way to get rid of them at home, which is good news for women everywhere. The downside to this is that the method is what you’d call “labor intensive”. It is essential that you follow a stretch mark skin care routine each and every day, and it may take up to six or eight months to see significant results. For women who are willing to do that, however, the results can be very meaningful.

    Stretch Marks Home Remedies

    So how do you go about starting the healing process for these scars? The first step is to incorporate serious exfoliation every day. You don’t want to damage your skin, but exfoliating the scars 1-2 times per day, over time, can really lessen their appearance and smooth their texture. For the best results, let your scar area soak in hot water for at least twenty minutes before exfoliating. This can be in the tub or the shower, or with hot wet cloths reapplied every few minutes. Then, use an exfoliating scrub or loofah for several minutes, rubbing in a circular motion until the scars are very smooth and sensitive, but not damaged. After you commit to this daily routine, you will want to use a homemade or commercial lotion with the most potent skin healers that can be had below.

    Tanning Cream Options for Fair Skin

    Developing a suntan is among the favorite beauty strategies known to the Western world. However, a big percentage of people have fair skin and red hair, and they have trouble being tanned from the sun. Instead of getting a tan, their skin is burned. This provides an interesting market for tanning cream.

    A sunless tanning cream is a lotion that triggers skin pigmentation even without exposure to sunlight. This discovery a few years ago over an experiment on mice has proven the effect of a substance called Forskolin, taken from the Forskohli mint plant from India, which stimulates production of skin pigment. This was the beginning of the tanning process catering to fair-skinned people. In addition to providing a tan without exposure to harmful UV rays, these creams have been designed to add an extra layer protection to UV light, making them protect users against skin cancer. After all, the more times that the skin gets burned from the sun translates into greater risk for skin cancer. This means fair-skinned individuals do not need to spend much time in the sun anymore in hopes of getting a suntan, reducing the incidence of skin cancer.

    In order to get an idea of what a tanning product should achieve, this piece undertakes the task of describing three products found in most stores, as well as going over the results they produce. Among the most popular brands for these sunless alternatives are Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, Neutrogena Build a Tan, and Clarins Self-tanning Instant Gel. These three are at opposite ends of the price spectrum, with Jergens being the cheapest at about $5, Neutrogena a little higher at $8, and Clarins costing a whopping $30. A study sent three women, who had been previously disappointed with their attempts at self-tanning, home with each of these products to try them and bring back a report. Here are the basic findings:

    1. Jergens – This product was designed to work up a tan while being applied as a daily moisturizer, and the lady who used it said it did tan her skin in a gradual way. However, she explained that using it daily was not really enjoyable since the cream was not created in the way moisturizers are supposed to feel. The product did not soak in easily and was actually quite greasy, making it an ugly moisturizer to put on one’s skin on a day-to-day basis.

    2. Neutrogena – The woman who used this self-tanner saw very fast results, an almost instant tanning, and a very good overall effect at that. However, she noted that the product had a very strong smell. She said that if only the odor could have been reduced, she would have been happy to continue using the product and would also recommend it to all her friends.

    3. Clarins – Among these three, this appears to have given the most satisfaction to its user. Firstly, its coming in a gel made it interesting and easier to apply. In addition, its effect produced an even tan that the user was very happy with. Of course, it would translate to a greater cash outlay, though, since the lady who used it noted that one can very quickly finish up an entire tube, and one tube costs five times as much as the more affordable Jergens.

    This should give you an idea of the basic differences in tanning cream products that promise the same results. They can bring about a tan in different periods, and that would partly spell the difference in their prices, since the more expensive brand can obviously bring about results faster and in a smoother way. Of course, this would mean that one’s wallet would have to be part of the consideration in making the final decision. If only not all users gave a qualm about spending so much, the best choice would obviously be Clarins. However, for those who have limited budgets, at least they can still get good results with trusted brands like Jergens and Neutrogena, while staying away from unknown brands that may come even cheaper than $5. After all, at least with these big manufacturers you can be sure they have your skin’s overall well-being in mind, whereas lesser-known brands may not have undergone the necessary tests to make sure they do not harm your skin in the end.

    The Impact of Natural Beauty Tips

    Our health is one of the most important issues in our lives. Since we mainly depend on our physical aspects to survive and be productive it is right to pay more attention on our health above from anything else. However aside from the physiological needs of the human beings, there is a certain portion or area of their lives that also requires satisfaction. The social needs of an individual have something to do with his or her self. It mainly focuses of the things that affect the social behavior of a person.

    The term social is used to define the activity between a human being and his or her society. A society is composed of several personalities. Culture also plays an important role in the establishment of the society’s identity. Different personalities can be found in a certain society. Conflict is mainly the product of disagreement or dissatisfaction in a certain place. It could be due to the different and distinct personalities of several people who are sharing a common place to live.

    One of the greatest concerns in the society is the physical appearance of a person. It could be sometimes unfair to judge a person base on his or her physical appearance. However it already became a trend in the society. Almost all individuals in a certain place are more likely to choose and discuss about those individuals who have pleasing personalities. They even become the subject of bunch of gossips and other issues.

    It is indeed an edge to have a pleasing personality. If you have a pretty face it is surely easy for you to spread your talents. According to psychologists the physical qualities of a person are the greatest factors that could affect his or her level of confidence. It is indeed difficult to gain self confidence especially if you are not sure with yourself. Self confidence is often the product of good communication and appreciation from other individuals.

    However the feelings of inferiority of a person must not be treated in a very negative way. According to psychologists, feelings of inferiorities are necessary for a person to strive for superiority. It could play as the major reason for a person to move forward against any form inferiorities. It motivates and stimulates a person establish his or her own identity in a socially accepted manner.

    Some individuals are also pleased to engage in natural beauty tips to acquire confidence. A natural beauty tip includes different ways of protecting and caring for your entire self. It also focuses on how to become a good looking person inside and out. Organic beauty products are also part of the natural beauty tips. However the process of applying those products in the best manner is the main focus of the natural beauty tips. It also encourages men and women to become more responsible when it comes to their health.

    Choose the Best Hairstyle For Your Facial Features

    Hair is an evolving species. Well perhaps that statement is not completely true, because that would indicate some kind of mutation or serious defect during in the 80’s, perms are a serious mistake that should not be repeated. From the inception of hair styling to the current times of today there has been a similar constant in what affects hair styles. It is primarily dressed in a fashion to attract the opposite sex. There is a singular constant [though quite contrasting] in both sexes with a particular hair style that has been the most prominent for ages. Women usually have much longer hair as this sends various sexual signals to men. Women with very short or ‘butch’ hair send an altogether signal that is quite obvious with the sexual orientation or at least perhaps sometimes a somewhat radical political / philosophical orientation.

    Studies have found that women with slick long hair that goes straight back is a good indication they are single and sometimes usually a tad bit promiscuous. This is why many single women with curly hair tend to straighten their hair. Women who have a partner or are not as sexually active still tend to adopt an attractive hair style, especially, since self image and beauty plays a very important part in the lives of many women; this hair style is still long but instead of straight back or in a ponytail they leave it a bit up and slightly poofy or bumpy (the bump-it commercials if you have seen them on TV, while the actual product itself is not recommended as this is always overkill, a fashionably higher head of hair makes a women look taller so a full head of hair would work very well for women who are short or don’t want to wear high heals and want to appeal taller. The latter tends to send signals of professionalism, age, and more experience when well maintained and styled this means the use of hair care products that sculpt and enhance the volume of the hair.

    Single women can also have a the longer tousled hair, particularly those with lighter hair color or chubby cheeks to indicate a fun, happy personality. Women with straight hair, thin cheeks, fair skin, should go for a very casual style and just let their hair lay back and definitely do not let it grow too long, by doing this you will draw attention to what men find attractive in a women during conversation, the eyes, nose and mouth. They can even leave it short especially if they are tall then they can achieve a very European model look.

    For men the most part is expressing virility which is what a short hair cut will accomplish. Though unlike women facial features play a major role in what type of hair style they should get with the virility aspect being the influential core. Men already have a lot of physical features which indicate strength and virility. Men with long chins, tall or firm athletic body types, the currently popular thin shaved goatees already express a strong sexual presence so they can have more fun with their hair in the salon and select a sexier hair cut (by select I mean always use some magazine or portfolio with pictures to present your hairdresser as opposed to verbally explaining the type of hair cut, hairstylists speak a much more advanced language of ‘hair’ which can allow for a lot of miscommunication and unsatisfied haircuts) – by sexier haircut, a longer, Brad Pitt version, can bode very well just don’t go to long where you get a ponytail unless you are a sailor or tend to enter internet cafes with your Mac laptop covered with marijuana leaf stickers and ‘thought criminal’ bumper stickers.

    There is a [virtually] global solution for attractive men with that works well with all diverse facial features, the medium length hunk hair style donned by football jocks in pretty much every movie cliche. This works well particularly with great skin complexions and is something you can never go wrong with though this is not recommended for men with chubby cheeks, double chins, or weak chins. Granted it seems like a movie cliche, in practice not a lot of men have this hairstyle, though in order to achieve this hair style it works best with firm facial features and dark thick hair. Also this is the perfect hair style for aging men with a little bit of gray in their hair, but not for balding or thinning hair.

    There is a multitude of reasons for why men should grow longer hair. Men with not so flattering facial features, for example: long noses, pointy ears or simply unattractive ears, weak shoulders can cover up or draw attention away from these features with a longer hair style, though if you have these features as well as very curly hair…well lets just say you don’t want to look like Pat from SNL, in which case a buzz cut may work well for you. In contrast to males with unflattering features, due the genetic rarity of men with blond hair, they should always grow it out to attract attention, but depending on your personality, its usually best to keep it both neat and stylish, think of the hipster 90’s California beach-bum look. The logic is simple rare hair color go for a rare hair style, even a little edgy – this would apply to men with red hair as well. With this hair style you can flick your hair back and watch how many ladies turn their heads.

    Use Hair Scissors to Dress Up Your Salon Do

    Pulling off the perfect haircut can be tricky if you are just a beginner in the hair department. If you don’t use the right techniques, you’re making it difficult to succeed at cutting hair. There are many perks to using good technique like saving money, time waiting at and driving to the salon, and still getting tip-top results! Just by using your hair scissors and proper hair skills, you can steal the hair spotlight every day.

    The best way to learn great hair techniques is by physically trying them out on yourself. Follow these steps anytime you are trying to trim your hair. After showering, comb your hair- leaving it damp-straight down, parting it in the middle. Depending on how short you want to cut the hair, you should use one of your body parts as a reference point. One example professionals use is your chin; they say if you want to cut the hair to your chin, use that body part as your measurement guide. Work in a straight line and use a mirror to cut the back of your hair precisely.

    A very popular hairstyle is a layered cut. There are a couple different ways to get the layered look. Best fit for those with shoulder-length or longer hair, there are easy ways to achieve this look this for beginners as long as they don’t want their layers to be too extreme. The easiest way to perform this particular technique is to sit down on a chair and bend over until the top of your head is facing the floor. Next, comb the hair toward the floor and using your hair scissors, cut your hair in a straight line from left to right. When done, sit up and part the hair in the middle so you can check layers.

    The common way to get great layers is a little trickier than the method mentioned above. Again, part your damp hair down the middle and determine the length you want each layer to be. Take one section of the hair and trim the ends until you have reached the length you desired for that layer. When done with that particular section, move to the next until you have completed each section of the hair. Remember to start with the top section and work your way to the bottom section of your hair. Hair scissors make this look 100% do-able as long as you use them correctly.

    Bangs and fringes are another style that many celebrities are even sporting. This technique is similar to the trimming and layering cuts, making it easier to understand. If you are looking for full bangs, take the front chunk of the hair and cut it in a straight line with your hair scissors near the brow line. Some prefer a little bit of a looser look with fringe, which requires a different approach. To get the fringy look, snip off some of the strands to give the hair a softer look. If you prefer side-swept bangs, take a front section of the hair and line it up with the middle of your nose length. Next, part the hair to the side (as deep as you want) and take your hair scissors to clean up the edges of the sides.

    As weird as it may sound, those who have pixie cuts or buzzed-style cuts use clippers to get a close trim. It doesn’t require any type of hair scissor but it is a quick and easy way to get a great cut. If you wish to do the same, follow this technique made easier for beginners. First, set the blades at the length you want your hair to be cut, then run the clippers on the sections of your head that you want to have a close cut.

    The best way to achieve great hair techniques is to try them out and follow those that were mentioned above. Don’t forget your hair scissors and creative mind when you get started. These techniques are just a few of the most popular methods in the world today. Be creative and dress up your ‘do with these spunky styles. You have the freedom to do what you want with your hair so why not express that freedom today!

    Anti Wrinkle Creams

    Gone are the days when everyone just let their skin age without any mitigation efforts. And gone are the days when everyone got Botox or cosmetic surgery.

    More and more people are turning to more natural methods to reduce the signs of aging, and cosmetic surgery is slowly becoming less an issue. But it’s unlikely that women will just let their skin age without any effort on their part to keep it looking nice.

    That means that anti aging wrinkle creams are in fashion. You can avoid cosmetic surgery yet get many of the same benefits. And it’s a real improvement over doing nothing.

    But how do you buy a wrinkle cream? What should you look for? What can a cream realistically do for your skin? Will it really work?

    There are some basic features you can look for in an anti aging cream, and if you narrow your criteria down a bit you can see that finding the right cream for you isn’t impossible.


    Look for an anti-aging cream with solid ingredients. These should be ingredients that are designed to not only reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, but should also help prevent the development of wrinkles in the future.

    These ingredients include things like antioxidants like Vitamin C, idebenone, ubiquinone and Vitamin A, and ingredients that can stimulate the production of collagen. Because collagen production naturally decreases as you age, and it’s collagen that makes our skin look firm and tight, having some ingredients that can stimulate production is important. There are many new anti wrinkle cream ingredients these days that can stimulate production of collagen.


    A good anti aging cream should work. It might seem silly to even say this, but it is worth saying. It should work. Often, we get caught up in the hype of new products and don’t pay enough attention to whether or not they actually work, and if they will work for us.

    There are a couple of ways you can see if a product will work for you. First, read reviews. When you do your research on wrinkle creams, look for reviews that indicate the user got the results you are looking for. For example, if your main concern is sagging skin, look for reviews that note the skin was lifted or felt firmer.

    When you read reviews, look for reviews that seem honest and objective. Try to avoid the reviews that read as if they were written by someone paid to write a review (avoid those, for example, with many exclamation points). The best anti aging creams will have many glowing reviews. Read these carefully.

    The second method you can use for finding the right anti aging cream is to try out a product. Many products are offered these days in free trials. You can order a trial of a product and give it a go to see how it works for you. This is the best method for finding the right wrinkle cream for your skin. If the product works, you make an order for a full size product; if it doesn’t work, you move on to something else.

    Do your research about ingredients and the product and give one a try. You’re sure to find the right one for you.