Hair is an evolving species. Well perhaps that statement is not completely true, because that would indicate some kind of mutation or serious defect during in the 80’s, perms are a serious mistake that should not be repeated. From the inception of hair styling to the current times of today there has been a similar constant in what affects hair styles. It is primarily dressed in a fashion to attract the opposite sex. There is a singular constant [though quite contrasting] in both sexes with a particular hair style that has been the most prominent for ages. Women usually have much longer hair as this sends various sexual signals to men. Women with very short or ‘butch’ hair send an altogether signal that is quite obvious with the sexual orientation or at least perhaps sometimes a somewhat radical political / philosophical orientation.

Studies have found that women with slick long hair that goes straight back is a good indication they are single and sometimes usually a tad bit promiscuous. This is why many single women with curly hair tend to straighten their hair. Women who have a partner or are not as sexually active still tend to adopt an attractive hair style, especially, since self image and beauty plays a very important part in the lives of many women; this hair style is still long but instead of straight back or in a ponytail they leave it a bit up and slightly poofy or bumpy (the bump-it commercials if you have seen them on TV, while the actual product itself is not recommended as this is always overkill, a fashionably higher head of hair makes a women look taller so a full head of hair would work very well for women who are short or don’t want to wear high heals and want to appeal taller. The latter tends to send signals of professionalism, age, and more experience when well maintained and styled this means the use of hair care products that sculpt and enhance the volume of the hair.

Single women can also have a the longer tousled hair, particularly those with lighter hair color or chubby cheeks to indicate a fun, happy personality. Women with straight hair, thin cheeks, fair skin, should go for a very casual style and just let their hair lay back and definitely do not let it grow too long, by doing this you will draw attention to what men find attractive in a women during conversation, the eyes, nose and mouth. They can even leave it short especially if they are tall then they can achieve a very European model look.

For men the most part is expressing virility which is what a short hair cut will accomplish. Though unlike women facial features play a major role in what type of hair style they should get with the virility aspect being the influential core. Men already have a lot of physical features which indicate strength and virility. Men with long chins, tall or firm athletic body types, the currently popular thin shaved goatees already express a strong sexual presence so they can have more fun with their hair in the salon and select a sexier hair cut (by select I mean always use some magazine or portfolio with pictures to present your hairdresser as opposed to verbally explaining the type of hair cut, hairstylists speak a much more advanced language of ‘hair’ which can allow for a lot of miscommunication and unsatisfied haircuts) – by sexier haircut, a longer, Brad Pitt version, can bode very well just don’t go to long where you get a ponytail unless you are a sailor or tend to enter internet cafes with your Mac laptop covered with marijuana leaf stickers and ‘thought criminal’ bumper stickers.

There is a [virtually] global solution for attractive men with that works well with all diverse facial features, the medium length hunk hair style donned by football jocks in pretty much every movie cliche. This works well particularly with great skin complexions and is something you can never go wrong with though this is not recommended for men with chubby cheeks, double chins, or weak chins. Granted it seems like a movie cliche, in practice not a lot of men have this hairstyle, though in order to achieve this hair style it works best with firm facial features and dark thick hair. Also this is the perfect hair style for aging men with a little bit of gray in their hair, but not for balding or thinning hair.

There is a multitude of reasons for why men should grow longer hair. Men with not so flattering facial features, for example: long noses, pointy ears or simply unattractive ears, weak shoulders can cover up or draw attention away from these features with a longer hair style, though if you have these features as well as very curly hair…well lets just say you don’t want to look like Pat from SNL, in which case a buzz cut may work well for you. In contrast to males with unflattering features, due the genetic rarity of men with blond hair, they should always grow it out to attract attention, but depending on your personality, its usually best to keep it both neat and stylish, think of the hipster 90’s California beach-bum look. The logic is simple rare hair color go for a rare hair style, even a little edgy – this would apply to men with red hair as well. With this hair style you can flick your hair back and watch how many ladies turn their heads.