Pulling off the perfect haircut can be tricky if you are just a beginner in the hair department. If you don’t use the right techniques, you’re making it difficult to succeed at cutting hair. There are many perks to using good technique like saving money, time waiting at and driving to the salon, and still getting tip-top results! Just by using your hair scissors and proper hair skills, you can steal the hair spotlight every day.

The best way to learn great hair techniques is by physically trying them out on yourself. Follow these steps anytime you are trying to trim your hair. After showering, comb your hair- leaving it damp-straight down, parting it in the middle. Depending on how short you want to cut the hair, you should use one of your body parts as a reference point. One example professionals use is your chin; they say if you want to cut the hair to your chin, use that body part as your measurement guide. Work in a straight line and use a mirror to cut the back of your hair precisely.

A very popular hairstyle is a layered cut. There are a couple different ways to get the layered look. Best fit for those with shoulder-length or longer hair, there are easy ways to achieve this look this for beginners as long as they don’t want their layers to be too extreme. The easiest way to perform this particular technique is to sit down on a chair and bend over until the top of your head is facing the floor. Next, comb the hair toward the floor and using your hair scissors, cut your hair in a straight line from left to right. When done, sit up and part the hair in the middle so you can check layers.

The common way to get great layers is a little trickier than the method mentioned above. Again, part your damp hair down the middle and determine the length you want each layer to be. Take one section of the hair and trim the ends until you have reached the length you desired for that layer. When done with that particular section, move to the next until you have completed each section of the hair. Remember to start with the top section and work your way to the bottom section of your hair. Hair scissors make this look 100% do-able as long as you use them correctly.

Bangs and fringes are another style that many celebrities are even sporting. This technique is similar to the trimming and layering cuts, making it easier to understand. If you are looking for full bangs, take the front chunk of the hair and cut it in a straight line with your hair scissors near the brow line. Some prefer a little bit of a looser look with fringe, which requires a different approach. To get the fringy look, snip off some of the strands to give the hair a softer look. If you prefer side-swept bangs, take a front section of the hair and line it up with the middle of your nose length. Next, part the hair to the side (as deep as you want) and take your hair scissors to clean up the edges of the sides.

As weird as it may sound, those who have pixie cuts or buzzed-style cuts use clippers to get a close trim. It doesn’t require any type of hair scissor but it is a quick and easy way to get a great cut. If you wish to do the same, follow this technique made easier for beginners. First, set the blades at the length you want your hair to be cut, then run the clippers on the sections of your head that you want to have a close cut.

The best way to achieve great hair techniques is to try them out and follow those that were mentioned above. Don’t forget your hair scissors and creative mind when you get started. These techniques are just a few of the most popular methods in the world today. Be creative and dress up your ‘do with these spunky styles. You have the freedom to do what you want with your hair so why not express that freedom today!