When it comes to facial hair removal, there are several options available to choose from. The two basic options will fall between treatments you can do at home and those that are done at a clinic.

  • Home Treatments
  • The most common method for removing hair from the face is using depilatory cream. This is a chemical created in an easy to spread cream form that dissolves the surface hair on the skin. The basic cream is sold in a milder solution for use on the face than the one created for use on other regions of the body. Facial skin is thinner and therefore more sensitive than the skin under the arms or legs.

    Another home treatment method that is growing in popularity is waxing. Again, like the systems used for removing leg hair, this method is created to be similar, but may have the wax combined with emollients to help soothe irritated facial skin areas. There are two versions of this method, the one that requires the wax to be melted and the one that does not.

    The method that does not require any melting comes with the wax attached to a thin strip of paper. The small amount of wax on the paper strip will melt and here to the hairs when you rapidly rub your finger across the outer surface.

  • Clinical Methods
  • The method of using wax to get rid of unwanted facial hair can also be done at clinics and day spas by certified technicians. This procedure is a low risk method, which is also not permanent. People looking for more permanent ways of removing this hair will often use electrolysis or laser techniques.

    Electrolysis has been a standard practice for many decades and is available today at many day spas and beauty salons. These people also need to be certified to perform the procedure, which has more risk involved. In this treatment, a small device with a tiny needle is used to carry an electrical current to the root of the hair to kill it. Once the root is destroyed, the hair cannot grow back.

    The laser method is classified as a high-risk method because the laser actually burns off the hair and in the process can also burn facial skin cells. This treatment is available through a medical facility or at some spas with qualified technicians. Even though it comes with a degree of risk this is a highly successful way to remove facial hair forever.