Apply the correct color of foundation for your skin with a foundation brush to ensure there are no streaks. Remember your foundation is simply the base for your makeup, so you do not need to apply either pink or yellow tones to give your skin color.

If you have acne scars or blemishes you would like to cover, using a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your skin would work the best. Green cover sticks will help you to eliminate any redness in the skin, just be sure to blend really well.

Powders are used to set our “liquids” and prime for color. If the “dewy” look does not appeal to you, translucent powders are best to use. Powder should be concentrated on the eyelids and lips to help eye shadows and lipsticks stay on longer.

Fill in eyebrows with brown or black eye shadow to prevent gaps from showing through. Using a highlighter brush, apply your light base color eye shadow all over your eyelid. With your applicator brush, apply the deeper color you have chose to wear to the fold of your eye, being sure to follow the natural contour of your eyes.

Apply eyeliner above your lash line and blend to give a soft focus to the shape of your eyes. Brown or black eyeliners are great, but using a color to compliment your eye shadow is a great idea as well. Once your eyeliner is the way you want it, you can apply your mascara. Using a back and forth zig-zag motion to ensure you cover each lash and make them appear longer.

Now you can bring a very nice glow to your cheeks by using blush. Cream blushes tend to streak and look harsh on the skin, unless you are quite skilled at applying it. Whether you choose cream, glowing blush or a matte finish blush, you will want to apply blush with a very light hand just under your cheekbones and blend well.

Using a neutral colored lip lining pencil, line your lips and blend with a q-tip. Then fill in your lips with a soft light color for day, using a lip brush. Finish with your favorite lip gloss.

How to apply makeup to go from day to night very quickly-

Apply darker eyeshadow over your day wear eye shadow. Create a smokey look by making your outer corners darker and blend.

Apply liquid eyeliner to your lash line, creating a bolder, more dramatic look. Follow up with a coat of mascara.

Darker lipstick with your favorite lip gloss over it.

That is absolutely all there is to it! That is how to apply makeup in a step by step fashion. Simple right. I hope this article has helped you.